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Out for a beer PG-13

This is my first time posting here so I'll try not to hide.

Title: Out for a Beer
Author: spazlady2002 
Pairing: Spike and Xander
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own them as much as I would like to they belong to Joss.
Summary: Xander and Spike go out for a beer.
Warnings: Pre-slash, angst.
Beta(s):  many many thanks go to twinsarein and skargasm who not only brit picked she helped me get this out of my head
Notes: ~thoughts~
Comments: Please.



Xander stood outside the Magic Box, straightening the outfit Anya had made him wear.

“You can do this.” Xander told himself as he walked toward the door.

“Shit, no I can’t.” he turned to leave, only to walk into Spike.

“A bell; we are getting you a bell.” Xander stated

Spike lifted an eye brow, “Harris.”

“So, you been standing there long?”


Xander stared at Spike

Spike stared at Xander

“You uh…You wanna get a beer?”

Spike shrugged his shoulder and flicked his cigarette away, “Got nothin’ better to do, yeah?” 

“So, nice night?” Xander asked as he and Spike walked through the darkened streets of Sunnydale. ~not Willy’s or the Bronze. So where?~ he thought


“Demon girl kick you out?”

“What? No, no we’re fine. I mean we have some problems, but then who doesn’t, right? So she over shares, it’s okay…”

“Bleedin’ ‘ell Harris! Don’t need the whole sordid tale, yeah?”

“Oh.” Xander grew quiet, “I just figured we could hang out is all.”

Spike watched Xander as they walked. ~Looks good ‘e does~ Spike thought as he noticed Xander fidgeting more and more as they walked.  Spike sniffed the air, and caught Xander’s scent. ~Nervous and scared. What’s got Harris so wound up?~


Xander’s nerves skyrocketed as they stepped into the bar and he found it to be a demon bar.  He looked around wide eyed. ~Holy shit! He took me to a Demon Bar!~ Xander thought and would have followed that tangent had Spike not blown smoke in his face to get his attention.

“Oi, Harris! Get the beers, and I’ll get the table, yeah?” Spike said then disappeared into the crowd of patrons. 

Xander stepped up to the bar and saw that the Bartender was mostly human. Well, if you count tentacles for hair, then yeah, mostly human, “Um, can I get a coke, and um, I guess a Jack. Cos I don’t think you have any Britishy beer.”

The bartender looked at Xander and shook its tentacled head. He placed a coke on the bar. “Bottle or glass?” he asked in a growly voice.

Xander looked through the crowd of demons and saw Spike waiting for a table. “Bottle, I don’t think he’s gonna wanna take shots of it.”

The bartender snorted, and placed a bottle of Jack Daniels on the bar, then up-turned a clean glass onto the bottle of alcohol and rattled off a total.  Xander sighed, and paid the demon.  Grabbed both drinks and weaved through the other patrons to stand beside Spike. “Here,” he said, and handed the bottle over to Spike. 


 Spike looked at the bottle and glass then at Xander, “Cheers, Pet.” Took the bottle from Xander and placed them at a small table not too close and not too far from the pool table. They waited in silence for the two players to finish. Spike took this chance to watch Xander while he poured himself something to drink.  He could tell Xander had not calmed down in the least, but then he didn’t figure the boy would, what with being in a demon bar and all. Xander was dressed in very nicely form fitting blue jeans and tight black t-shirt. He looked uncomfortable in his own skin.  ~who knew Harris was hidin’ that body under those eye sores ‘e called clothes? Build ‘is confidence and we’d ‘ave ourself a very pleasing boy. Now to stop the boy from worryin’.~

“Oi Harris, you bleedin’ wanker. Stop your fidgeting, yeah?”


Xander froze at Spike’s words, and looked wide-eyed at the vampire. “Um, sorry. There’s a lot of demons in here, can’t help it.”

Spike snorted at that, “Sure, pet, ‘ow ‘bout you tell me the real reason for this ‘ere outin’, yeah?”

“Real reason? Um, I did, Spike. I, um, wanted to have a guys night, you know.  A guy can only handle so much estrogen before he starts turning into a girl. First it’s, ‘hey, Xan, can you try this or how about this Xan.’ I needed out.” Xander babbled

Spike took a big gulp of Jack and put the glass on the table. He looked over to see if the pool table was still full, and then looked back at Xander.  “Look, Harris…Xander, you’ve been nervous ‘n scared since we left the Magic Box.  Either Demon girl sent you packin’, which I don’t believe, or there’s something else bothering you. So, which is it?”


Xander looked at Spike. Looked around him and promptly fled the bar. He made it as far as the alley beside the bar before Spike grabbed his arm.  Xander didn’t think, just reacted and his fist went flying towards Spike.  Spike caught the fist before it could connect, the chip sending a warning jolt.  “Hey, Xander, shh calm down, yeah? It’s all right.”

Xander tried to pull his hand from Spike’s grip, but found it to be almost impossible without causing Spike harm. “I’m sorry, Spike. Please just let me go, and I’ll leave you alone.”

Frowning at Xander, Spike pulled Xander to him. “Eh? What are you on about? Talk to me Xan. I didn’t think what I asked would make you run.” Spike said, as he brought his other hand up to cup Xander’s cheek.

The gentle touch froze Xander in place. He closed his eyes and tilted his head into the touch. “Anya and I decided we shouldn’t get married. That we wanted very different things and that neither of us were happy. Anya has been seeing some banker and has decided that I needed to be happy.  So, she felt that I needed a change.  She took me shopping, threw out all my old clothes, and coached me on what to say whenever I got the courage to ask you out.” He said it all quietly; his heart racing in his chest. He could swear you could hear it in the alley.


Spike held absolutely still as he processed what Xander had just said. “Xander, why would Anya think you would swing that way?” Spike asked quietly

Xander breathed, “Because I kinda do, and I find that I am very much attracted to you, Spike.”

Spike could swear his heart beat a little at the quite admission. “Xan, I don’t…”

Xander ripped himself away from Spike ignoring the wince of pain on Spikes face; eyes hurt and glaring at Spike. “I know, right? Stupid Xander for even thinking it, let alone hoping that maybe I might get something I want for a change. Its fine, Spike, I told you already I’ll leave you alone. Maybe we can pretend this never happened.” The whole time he spoke, he was moving away from Spike. ~Jesus how stupid can you be, Xander~ he thought to himself and ran before Spike could stop him. Not that Spike even tried.


Spike stood staring at the place where Xander had been, his face a mix between pain and shock.


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