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Out for a beer part 2- R

Title: Out for a Beer part 2
Author: spazlady2002 
Paring: Spike and Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I never will. I just like to play with them is all.
Warnings: Preslash, angst, AU, bits and pieces of seasons 5,6 and 7.
Summary: Spike thinks about Xander
Beta(s): twinsarein and skargasm cos they are just that awesome
Notes: ~thoughts~
Word count: WIP it seams part one


It was a little over a week since the disastrous outing. Spike had been keeping himself scarce. Didn’t want to give anyone the chance to stake him for hurting Xander, no matter how unintentional. Hadn’t seen Xander either, but he figured Xander was avoiding him. Not that Spike blamed him; it wasn’t like he hadn’t given Xander a reason not to avoid him.  So, Spike had spent the better part of the week doing something that he was not known for. Thinking.  ~It’s not like ‘es hard to look at. Bloody gorgeous ‘e is! Construction’s doing the boy good, it is.  Boy just needs confidence is all, not like ‘es goin’ to get it around that lot, yeah~

Sitting on a tombstone smoking, Spike kept imagining what it would be like to have Xander in his bed and his unlife. The idea of them was not all that bad, and it wasn’t putting him off like he thought it would.  Hell, the way things were going he was going to have to find something to kill. He didn’t think Xander would like it too much if he shagged some stranger, not if he was going to seriously consider Xander for more than just ‘a shag’.  The boy was loyal, gave of himself whole-heartedly and didn’t think for a second about his feelings. ~What was it Xander said? ‘Something I want for a change’~ so no, no shagging of strangers, no matter how bad he wanted to get off.  

Xander was right. ‘Something I want for a change. So, maybe I might get what I always wanted. Someone for me, maybe,’ Flicking the butt of his cigarette out into the cemetery, Spike hopped off the tombstone and looked around him for something to do. His thoughts were going to drive him around the bend if something didn’t happen soon.  Pulling out another cigarette and lighting it, he picked up the scent of the slayer on a deep inhale of smoke. “Bloody hell! Just what I don’t need,” He mumbled to himself.

“Spike, is there a reason you’re still here?” Buffy asked, as she came out of the shadows of a crypt. She was playing with her trusty stake, in a clear show of malice. Spike sighed and stepped around Buffy when she moved into his personal space. “Not tonight, Buffy.” Her hand shot out and grabbed his arm, “Oh, yes. Tonight,” she said, and slammed her fist into his face. He could feel his nose crunch and break, his head snapping back with the impact. Dropping his smoke, he brought both hands up to push her off and away from him.

“No, Buffy, we are not doing this. Not now or ever.” Spike snapped and nimbly jumped out of her reach.

“What’s the matter, Spike? Not hard enough?”

“Don’t you have a job to do, Slayer?”

“Oh yeah, about that job, I can start here.”

Spike saw her telegraphing her move, and had time to move from the stake that was aimed at his heart, and got staked in the shoulder instead. He swore as she pulled the stake free and went in again. Spike ducked the next blow, pushed her back and, with as much dignity one had, he ran.

“Bloody fuckin’ ‘ell! God damn Slayer, has to fuck all. Didn’t need this now.”  Spike kept swearing as he stormed through the cemetery on his way to his crypt.  He was so preoccupied that he did not notice that he had a guest sitting in his recliner. He had his coat and shirt off just as a heartbeat registered; he snapped his head up and saw Xander curled up asleep in the recliner.

“Xan…” Spike whispered.

Xander stirred in the recliner, waking up. Eyes half open he saw Spike bare-chested with a bloody hole in his shoulder. “Holy shit, Spike! What the hell…” Xander exclaimed, jumping out of the chair and all but flew at Spike to check the damage. “What happened?” he asked, as he wadded up Spike’s shirt to use it to clean up the blood from the wound.  Xander frowned at the wound, “Wait, this looks like it’s from a stake. Spike, why do you have a hole in your shoulder that looks like a stake wound?”

“That’s because it is, Pet.”

“I know that you and Buffy have a very twisted relationship, but this goes beyond twisted Spike. This is abuse.”

“Had, we had, Pet.”

Xander looked wide eyed at Spike, “What?”

Spike stopped Xander’s hand from rubbing the wound raw. “You didn’t give me the chance to explain. You surprised me, Xan. Didn’t expect it, did I? Thought you and Demon girl were doing better. Never thought you two would break it off, or that you might go for blokes.”


“So, ‘m not adverse to you and me, didn’t think I could have you, Pet.  Always thought you hated me, drove me round the bend it did.”

Xander smiled, “Oh. I might have over-reacted,” he said, then pushed Spike back, “First aid kit? I know you have one.”

“Down below; by the bed.”

Xander maneuvered Spike over to the chair; once he was sure Spike was sitting, he went to hunt up the first aid kit. Once back up on the main floor, Xander grabbed a bag that he had placed by the tomb when he got there. Kneeling down in front of Spike, he began to clean the wound. Once clean, he placed a quick bandage over it. He brought the bag up and placed it in Spike’s lap.

Spike frowned at him, “Not that ‘m complain’, Xan, but why are you here? Been avoiding me for over a week, yeah?”

Xander dropped his head down, “I’ve actually been working. Well, okay, I might have asked work to send me somewhere that might have helped me avoid everyone.  Not just you, so you um, gonna open the bag? I got it for you.”

Spike raised an eyebrow and unzipped the bag, staring at the contents. “Xan, wha…”

“Well, while I’ve been working, I got to thinking that maybe I might have just dropped my attraction on you.  So, I figured I would stop by with a peace offering.”

Spike smiled at Xander, brought a hand up and softly curled it behind Xander’s neck. The cool weight of Spike’s hand on his skin snapped his eyes up to look into Spike’s beautiful blue eyes. Holding Xander’s attention, Spike gently pulled Xander in for a sweet gentle kiss. “Thank you Xander,” he whispered against Xander’s lips.



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