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Out for a beer part 3/? R

Title: Out for a Beer part 3/?
Author: spazlady2002 
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own them, no matter how much I wish it. They belong to Joss Whedon.
Warnings: Preslash, will be slash I promise, angst, AU, bits and pieces of seasons 5, 6 and 7. Buffy died, came back kinda wrong, so some pretty nasty Buffy.
Summary: This part, Xander feels the need to tell Anya, about him and Spike.
Beta(s): twinsarein and skargasm  for without these lady's there would be no fic. All remaining errors are mine.
Notes: ~thoughts~
Word count: WIP it seams 


Just before dawn, Xander kissed a pale shoulder and untangled himself from the limpet that was Spike. Smiling to himself as Spike rolled into the warm spot, he quietly dressed and was up the ladder with barely a sound made. Looking around the crypt, he saw the bag and some of its contents spilling out. Bagged blood from Sunnydale Hospital, as fresh as he could get it, and the remnants of a Blooming onion with hot sauce from the Bronze. And all of last month’s episodes of Passions recorded.  ~Best way to say I’m sorry to a vampire~ he thought.

Just as he was about to walk out of the crypt he remembered something; pulling a card from his pocket as he turned and placed it on top of the bag. “Just in case you need more.” He said it out loud, knowing somehow that Spike was not fully asleep and would hear him. “I’ll see you later.” He turned and left the crypt making sure the door was securely closed and ran for his car.

“Just enough time to shower and change,” Xander told himself as he walked into his apartment and shed his clothes on the way to the bathroom. He felt giddy with happiness and relief. They hadn’t done much, mostly kissing and some frottage with most of their clothes on.  Spike might know what he was doing and feel comfortable and confident, but Xander did not. As much as Xander wanted to do more, he would admit that he was scared, not that Spike would hurt him. No, the chip made that kinda hard, it was the fact that this was starting to mean something. The whole week he had been gone, he kept going over the ‘not date’ in his head, and even he came to the conclusion that maybe his confession might have shocked the hell out of Spike. 

Towel drying his hair, he looked in the mirror at himself. He still didn’t see what Anya always saw or what Spike might see. He just saw a goofy guy with floppy hair that needed a trim, brown eyes that didn’t stand out, and a body that could stand to lose the weight around his middle. Shaking his head, he just couldn’t see it, might never see it.

 Dressed in blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt, one of the many outfits Anya had picked out for him. He tied the laces on his work boots, then grabbed his tool belt and was out the door, locking it behind him.


The Babylon 5 theme song rang out over the construction site. A few of his coworkers just shook their heads at the sound. Xander pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and saw that is was lunch time as he hit accept. “Hello?”

“Are you all hot and sweaty, luv?” Spike’s voice came over the phone, sounding gravely and sleepy.

Xander blushed bright red as the words sunk in. “Spike, how did you get my number?” He could hear a lighter being flicked.

“It’s right here, luv, on this here card for a blood drop.” Spike replied.

“Oh, okay. Not that you shouldn’t call me, but shouldn’t you still be sleeping the sleep of the dead?” Xander asked, as he pulled open the door to his truck. Sliding behind the wheel, phone to his ear, he reached over for the cooler that held his lunch that he bought on his way into work that morning.

“Mm, got a might peckish, luv. Saw this here interestin’ card with numbers n decided I’d try them out.” Spike replied. “Didn’t answer me, luv. You all hot and sweaty?”

This time Xander was prepared for it, so he didn’t blush as much. “Spike, we are so not going into that while I’m at work. Where anyone could see me,” he said, pulling out a Twinkie from the cooler. He unwrapped it and proceeded to make the most obscene sounds one could make outside of sex. Once the wonderful fluffy sweetness that is a Twinkie was gone, Xander realized that there was some pretty heavy breathing coming through the phone. “Uh, Spike?”

A growl came over the phone. “Xander, you are never to eat, whatever it was you ate, again,” Spike demanded.

“Um, Spike, it was just a Twinkie.”

“Don’t bloody care, Xander!”

Xander smiled, “Spike, did that make you hard, or did it make you jealous?” he asked, while he looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone close enough to hear him.

Spike growled again, “Bleedin’ ‘ell, you don’t make those sounds for food, Xan, you just don’t! For me, yes, food, no.”

Xander’s smile got wider, “I can’t promise anything, Spike. I love my Twinkies. There’s just something about the moist and fluffy goodness that I love, or it could also be the cream filling.”

“Xan, luv, you need to stop or I won’t be able to keep my promise.” Spike all but whispered over the phone.

“Sorry, Spike.” Xander replied, sheepishly.

“It’s alright, luv. You should be getting back to work, yeah?”

Xander pulled the phone away from his ear, and saw that his lunch hour was about up. “Huh, yea, I didn’t notice the time. Um, Spike?”

“Yeah, luv?”

“I’m going to talk to Anya, when I get off work, it’s okay if I tell her about us right?” Xander asked, his voice betraying how nervous he was to hear Spike’s answer.

“More than, Xan, more than.”

“Well, I’ve gotta go now, Spike. I’ll see you some time tonight, right?”

“Yeah, ‘bout two hours after sunset? See you at the Magic Box?”

“Sure, I have to be there anyway for a Scooby meeting. So, okay, bye, Spike.”

“Bye, Xan.”

With a smile firmly in place, Xander hung up the phone, finished up his lunch and got back to work.


Trying not to skip, he reined in his excitement over seeing Spike later that night. With a quick look through the windows, he could see that it was just Anya inside; some of the tension in his shoulders went out. He frowned for a second, he hadn’t noticed that he was tensing at the thought of being around his friends. With a shake of his head, he walked inside the store.

Anya, pretty as always, was standing behind the counter marking something in a book. At the chime over the door, she looked up and smiled. “Xander!” she exclaimed, happiness in her tone. “When did you get back? Why didn’t you tell me you were back?”

Smiling, he walked up to the counter and leaned on it, brought his hands up to hold her face, he sweetly kissed her forehead. “I got back yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t tell you because there was someone I needed to talk to more.” He replied, and stepped back.

 Anya closed the ledger, and folded her hands atop the book. She eyed Xander critically then gasped, “You had sex!  Who did you have sex with?”

Xander blushed a little, but shook his head. “Nope, sorry, An, I did not have sex.”

“Don’t lie, Xander, I know that look. You’ve had orgasms with someone and I want to know who.”

The blush that was fading came back with a vengeance. ~You’d think I’d be used to this~ With a deep breath he said, “Well, um, I’m pretty sure Spike and I are together or something.”

Anya was silent for half a second, then she was around the counter and wrapped around Xander, squealing in excitement. “Oh, Xander! I’m so happy for you.” She pulled back to look at him. “I told you!”

Holding her just as tight, “Yeah, An, you did.” The bell over the door tinkled, but they ignored it just for a second.

“So, what’s the what? Are you two back together now? Did you apologize, Xander?” Buffy’s voice popped the little bubble of happiness.  Letting go of Anya, Xander stepped back and looked at Buffy. “No, Buffy, we are not back together.”

“Oh, so you still haven’t apologized yet?” she said snidely.

Anya came to Xander’s defense, “There is nothing Xander needs to apologize to me for. We were very grown up about it, and I am much happier with my banker and Xander is with…”

Xander slapped his hand over Anya’s mouth seconds before she said Spike’s name. With a firm shake of his head, he told her ‘no’. He might be ready to tell Anya, but that was because she made him see a few things about himself and what he wanted. But there was no way in hell that he was ready to tell Buffy that he was seeing Spike. That was a whole world of not ready for.

“Xander, seeing someone after you dumped him? Yeah, right,” Buffy said as she walked passed them on her way to the training room. “Xander, can you go get me a half caf latte? Oh, and some of those donuts with sprinkles.” Her voice died off as she disappeared into the training room.

Xander looked at the training room door, which had closed behind Buffy. Any other time he just might have done what she asked, but while he was gone he didn’t just think of Spike, he thought about his friends and where he stood with them. It seemed that Anya, Spike, Tara and Dawn were the only ones that didn’t treat him like a disposable rag.

“Xander, you’re back!” a blur exclaimed and tackled him, snapping Xander out of his pensive mood. Arms going around the girl, “Hey, Dawn. Yeah got back yesterday.”

“You were gone a whole week, Spike hasn’t been around and Buffy’s being more of a bitch than normal,” Dawn said in a rush of words.

“Whoa, hold up. What do you mean Spike hasn’t been around?” Xander asked.

“Well yeah, something happened between Spike and Buffy, cos when you even mention Spike’s name, she goes all Super Slayer. Don’t know what happened tho, not like she’ll admit she did something wrong or anything,” replied Dawn

“Huh, okay. I can work with that. Buff’s in the training room now, so you wanna come with me to get some coffee?” Xander asked Dawn

“Don’t you dare, Xander.” Snapped Anya.

Xander looked at her and smiled, “I don’t plan on it Anya. If she wants it that bad, she can damn well get it herself,” he told her, then looked at Dawn, “Come on, Dawnster, let’s get some caffeine.”   



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