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Out for a beer part 7/10 R

Title: Out for a beer part 7/10
Author: spazlady2002 
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: R
Warning: Slash, angst, AU, bits and pieces of seasons 5, 6 and 7
Beta(s): twinsarein  and skargasm  for without these ladies, there would be no fic. Any other mistakes are all mine.
Summary: This part Tara comes over.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I just play with them. Joss Whedon owns them.
Word count: WIP
Notes: ~thoughts~

All Previous parts at my journal

Three days. Three days of mind numbing worry and fear. Between avoiding Buffy and Willow, and running interference for Dawn, Tara and Anya, Xander was going to end up cutting off a limb at work. ~just one more day, I can do this~ Xander told himself.

The day after Xander had spoken to Giles, Xander and Spike had gone to speak with Tara, while Willow was in class, and they had told her everything that was going on. They weren’t sure that Tara would be able to find the spell Willow had used, simply because Willow was hiding everything she did from Tara.

But, Tara had pulled through for them. The day before Giles’s plane was to come in, Tara had shown up at Xander’s apartment, looking like she had spent the last several hours crying, and crying hard.

Xander had shown Tara into the apartment, and sat her down on the couch, while Spike made her tea, and Xander did a quick clean up.

Tara smiled, at Xander’s antics, and accepted the cup of tea that Spike handed to her.

“Right, now, what did Red do this time?” Spike said, sitting down next to Tara.

Xander tossed the trash away, then plopped himself down on the coffee table, in front of Tara, giving her his full attention.

“I, I knew something was wrong, not long after we did the spell, to bring Buffy back. Willow was insistent that Buffy’s soul was in some kind of Hell; she wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain that Buffy could never have gone to any place other then Heaven.” Tara took a sip of tea. “I found myself agreeing with Willow, that we needed to bring Buffy back, that we couldn’t do this without her. Every time I tried to argue with Willow, I would forget what I was trying to say, and just agree with her. I’ve tried to limit the amount of magic and spells, that she could do, trying to be a buffer for her, but she just kept wanting more, wanting to use more, for everything.”

Tara finished the tea, and handed the cup to Xander, and with a deep breath she continued. “It’s when I noticed Buffy’s behavior, that I realized Willow did something very wrong.  I couldn’t figure it out. I’ve been trying, but Willow always seemed to know when I got curious, and I would forget again. When you and Spike told me what was going on and what you needed… Well, it did something; it loosened some kind of hold on a spell Willow had been using. It wasn’t until I found these, that the spell broke.” Tara pulled out a stack of papers from her bag.

Xander took the papers from Tara, while Spike got up to get Tara more tea. Xander flipped through them, having no idea what he was looking at, but playing it off well. Spike came back with the tea, and took the papers from Xander’s hands and sat down with them, “Git, luv. Little over your head, yeah?” Spike said, and began to read.

While Spike read the papers, Xander looked at Tara and realized that she must be exhausted. “Hey, why don’t you get some sleep? You are so not going back to Willow. Besides, I’m pretty sure Spike can fill me in on the spells and stuff, and Giles’s plane lands tomorrow morning, so G-man can fill in the rest. Okay?”

Tara sighed, pushed her hair out of her face, then nodded. “Okay. Um, where?” Tara asked.

Xander smiled and stood up. “Come on, pretty witchy woman, let’s get you some shut eye,” he said, and led Tara to his spare room. He mostly used it for storage, and where he kept his tools for work, but Anya had said it’s always best to have a second bed, in case you have guests. When Tara had shut the door, Xander returned to the living room, where Spike, who was growling at the papers, that were now on the coffee table.

“Wow, must be some pretty nasty spells, for you to be all game faced and growling,” Xander commented.

“When the Watcher gets here, I don’t want you anywhere near Willow. Let the Watcher handle her, like he should have from the very beginning,” Spike said, in clear precise words.

Xander eyed Spike. “Um, I know you’re big with the protecting and all, but Willow is still my friend, Spike, I can’t just leave her to Giles.”

“You bloody well can!” Spike snapped, getting up off the couch. “Some of this magic, Xander, can kill you.”

Xander walked over to the vampire, and pulled a very stiff Spike into his arms. Xander pressed his face into Spike’s neck, and breathed in his scent. “Do you trust me Spike?” Xander asked quietly into Spike’s neck.

Spike suddenly went limp in Xander’s arms, and returned the embrace. “Wanker, you know I do,” Spike replied, his head tucked under Xander’s.


It was just before dawn when Xander pried himself away from his vampire, and got out of bed. He stumbled into the kitchen to start his morning coffee, only to stand there staring at the coffee maker. It was on, with fresh coffee already made. Cracking open one eye to look more closely at it, sure it was some evil hallucination. Just as he was inches from the coffee maker, he heard it. His head snapped around and peered at the blurry figure that made the strange, quiet giggle.

“Oh, Xander,” Tara said, in between a fit of giggles, “You might want to get dressed.”

Xander blinked his sleepy eyes at her, not really comprehending what was said. Tara stepped around, got him a cup of coffee, and handed it to him, since he didn’t look all that coordinated. Xander took the offered cup, blew on it, then drank the hot ambrosia down. Tara maneuvered Xander to one of the kitchen chairs, and gently prodded him into sitting. Xander grunted his complaint, but went willingly.

 Then coffee did what coffee is meant to do, and Xander’s eyes opened fully. He looked at Tara, then down at himself, and blushed all the way down to his toes.  “I, um, I, I think I’ll go get ready now.” Xander stuttered out, ignoring the look Tara was giving him, and fled the kitchen.

Showered, dressed and fully awake, Xander returned to the Kitchen. “Sorry, about, um, earlier,” Xander said, as he watched Tara tidy up. Tara placed the last cup in the dishwasher, then turned toward Xander with a small smile on her face. “It’s okay, but I’m not sure Spike would like it, if you leave your bedroom like that very often,” she said.

Xander fought the blush that was just determined to stay. “Well, actually he might, but let’s not give him ideas,” Xander said, and ran his hand through his damp hair, mussing it. “Are you going with me to pick up Giles?”

Tara nodded. “Yes, if that’s alright with you?” she asked.

“The more the merrier, and you could maybe, dunno, keep Giles from going nuclear about Spike,” Xander said, and grabbed his keys from the table by the door, as Tara grabbed her bag and walked out the door before Xander. “Let’s go get ourselves a G-man,” Xander said happily, going out the door.


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