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Fic search money concerns

Hello all,

I'm looking for two stories, both with a similar theme of money troubles.  In one, the only scene I recall is in the Magic Box.  Xander whispers to Buffy that he can't give her any money.  Or maybe it was that he only had a twenty to give her.  I'm pretty sure she's in college, and Xander is still living at home.

In the second, it's after they've defeated the Turok Han, I think.  Buffy and all the slayers, along with Willow and Dawn, are living in a big house, while Xander has a crappy apartment, with barely enough food.  Anya had left him fairly well off, but the girls sucked him dry.

And that's it.  I'm positive the first fic is Spander, and fairly surethe second one is.  Help, please?  And thanks.

Oh ... and how can I tag my posts?  Whenever I try, it refuses my tags.  Am I not supposed to add tags?
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