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Out for a beer part 9/10 R

Title: Out for a beer 9/10
Author: spazlady2002 
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, angst, AU, bits and pieces of seasons 5, 6 and 7
Beta(s): twinsarein  and skargasm  for without these ladies, there would be no fic.
Summary: We get down to business.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I just like to play with them. Joss Whedon owns them.
Word count: WIP
Notes: ~thoughts~ I have no clue what is involved with donating blood, I can’t donate and I’ve never been present when people have.


After dragging a very warm, wet and clean vampire out of the shower and into the bedroom to dress, Xander went back out into the living room that was just too bizarre to be his and sat down on the couch. Dawn plopped down next to him, cuddling up with him.

While Xander had been gone, Giles turned the living room into a make shift war room. “Huh, am I really in the right place?” Xander asked.

Dawn giggled, “Yeah, it’s different.”

Spike came out of the bedroom, dressed except for his boots and coat, and walked into the kitchen without even looking at who was in the living room.  When Xander and Tara had left for the airport, he had gotten up, and started to clean up the place. When he had the living room clean, he looked at Xander’s furniture and swore, then called Anya to buy Xander a nice living room set.

And boy did Anya deliver. Less than an hour after Spike called her, Anya shows up with some pretty men to haul out the old couch and chair, and brought in a very nice butter soft leather couch and ottoman.  Xander might be upset at first, but Spike was pretty confident that he could sway Xander to his way of thinking.

Pulling his mug from the microwave when it beeped, Spike drank it down quickly. After rincing out the mug, he steadied himself, and then walked into the living room.


Giles had finally been filled in on everything that was going on. Dawn and Anya added in things that Tara, Xander or Spike did not know. All Spike really wanted, to know was what were they going to do, and how?

Giles leaned forward from his seat in the ottoman, placed a note pad on the coffee table and looked at Tara. “My dear, what you propose could become very dangerous if Willow were to suspect.”

Tara nodded her head. “I understand, but it’s the only way.”

“Whoa, whoa, hold up you crazy talkin’ people. We didn’t agree to this,” Xander said, pushing away from the couch.

“No, you’re right, Xander. We didn’t; I did.” Tara replied.

Tara’s serious tone brokered no argument from anyone. “I know, but still,” Xander tried to argue.

“Xander, let Glinda do what she thinks she needs to do, yeah?” Spike said.

Xander slumped back onto the couch, he wasn’t happy about this plan. “Alright, but I don’t like this plan at all.”

“We know, luv,” Spike replied.

Giles shuffled the papers around till he found the one he wanted. “Now, Spike, Xander assures me that your chip still functions, but does not seem to work with Buffy. Is that correct?” Giles asked, looking at Spike.

Spike had sat down on the floor, his back to the couch, and his side up against Xander’s leg. Spike had made no comment when Xander began to play with the hair at the back of Spike’s neck. “Yea, think it’s because the Slayers have a bit of Demon in them, and when Buffy was brought back more of the Demon was brought out. It’s the only thing I can think of, Watcher.” Spike said.

Giles sighed. “No more then I suspected. It would explain her aggression and strength,” Giles said, and sat back, “Dawn has informed me that you are also on bagged human blood, yes?”

Spike nodded.

“I can’t believe I am going to say this. But, Spike, I need you to drink as much as you can, between now and tomorrow night.”

Spike’s eyes narrowed at Giles. “Why?’

“Because, you are going to fight Buffy, keep her distracted. Willow has managed to place a spell on Buffy that compels her to protect Willow. We need Buffy busy while Tara and I bind Willow’s magic. Normally, in this situation, I would suggest draining Willow’s magic, but from all accounts that will not be possible. We must bind the magic, because once bound, Willow will not have access to it.”

“What about Buffy?” Dawn asked.

Giles took his glasses off, and looked sadly at Dawn. “I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do. The most we can do is remove any spells on Buffy, and hope that there is enough of Buffy left that can be reasoned with.”

“Oh,” was all Dawn said, as Xander wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest.

“It’ll be alright, Bit, yeah?” Spike said soothingly.

“Tomorrow night then,” Anya said, getting up from her place on the couch. “Well if we’re done here, I have money to make,” she replied, moving around Spike to get her purse. “Tara, Dawn, I’m leaving.”

Tara stood up. “I should go. Willow will start to worry if I don’t come back today,” Tara said, and she too gathered her things to leave.

“Can I stay here?” Dawn asked, looking at Tara.

 “Xander? Spike?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, we’ll take her home later, Tara,” Xander said.

Tara breathed deeply to center herself. “Thank you,” she said to the room in general, and walked out the door with Anya. 


Not long after Tara and Anya had left, Xander had called his contact for blood. When his phone chirped with a text message, it was to let him know that the blood was ready for pickup.

So Xander kissed his vampire, then his sibling type person and left the apartment to pick up the blood. If Xander was being honest with himself, then he’d admit that he was scared. Scared for Tara and Spike, who were going to put themselves into harm’s way. Scared that this plan would work, but Willow and Buffy would be too far gone to help.

~why can’t we just snap our fingers and everything would be all better~ he thought as he parked the truck outside the back entrance to a blood bank. Climbing out of the truck, Xander walked up to the doors, and knocked on it as if he belonged there.

A few minutes passed. When the door opened, an elderly woman dressed in the blood bank’s uniform stood there. She smiled when she saw who it was. “Ah, Mr. Harris, so good of you to be prompt. I do love punctuality,” she said, as she ushered him inside.

“I do hope this is not an inconvenience for you? It was quite a large order you called in, so we had to do a bit of scrambling to fill your order, but we did some checking and found out about your vampire. Not all of us, Mr. Harris are blind to what goes on in our little town. So, it did not come as a shock to learn that the Slayer’s Watcher was back, and that the Red witch just might get what is coming to her.”

Xander followed the woman, trying not to gawk as she went on about anything and everything. She lead him down a hallway, then to a door marked storage; she opened the door and waved him in first. He stepped inside, and was shocked at his surroundings.

Instead of a storage room, it was a 10x15 waiting room, with bland walls and furniture, a service window set into the far wall, with what looked to be a human sitting at a desk behind it. “This way, Mr. Harris,” his guide said. She walked to what looked like a plain wall, but when she ran her hand across the surface of the wall, lines appeared to run along the wall to form a door. She touched what looked to be the door handle, and with a quiet whoosh it swung outward.

The woman stepped back, and motioned for Xander to follow. “Um, not to sound rude or anything, but, um, where the hell are we?” Xander asked.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I assumed that you knew that this was a clinic as well, when you set up for the blood.”

“Huh?” Xander said

The woman smiled kindly at Xander. “The Blood Bank is very real, Mr. Harris. What you see here, is just one of two clinics for Human and Demon mixes. Not all Human half-breeds can go to a Human hospital.”

“Oh, but why am I picking up the blood here? Don’t they need it?”

“Oh, but you are a sweet young man, your vampire it very lucky,” she gushed. “Yes, normally we wouldn’t be here, but when the Demon community got wind of what was going on, many of our Human half-breeds came in to donate blood for your vampire.”

“It won’t hurt him, will it?” Xander questioned.

“I admit that it might not be what he is used to, but there shouldn’t be any problems. I am told that it is a bit of a kick.”

Xander nodded his head in satisfaction, and then stepped through the doorway, into a huge room filled to capacity with chairs and blood donation equipment. Each chair was occupied with a person, donating blood. Many of them smiled at the woman, and looked at Xander in curiosity.

The woman walked to a table that stood in the middle of the room, on the table were biohazard ice chests. They were open, and blood bags were being loaded inside, by what appeared to be two young, human males. “Hey,” one of them said.

“Hi,” Xander said.

“Now, you never did specify how much blood you needed?” the woman said.

“Oh, well, Giles never said. Just for Spike to drink as much as he can,” Xander replied.

The other kid looked up from his packing. “Depends on how long he’s been off human.”

Xander looked at him more closely. “Vampire?”

The kid smirked a little. “Yeah,” was all he said.

“Huh, okay. Well, I’d have to say about a year, maybe more. Mostly pig’ blood, with human supplement,” Xander said. “I think anyway.”

The vampire kid scowled, and looked around the room. “Then he’s gonna need all the blood we can stuff into him.”

Three hours later, Xander’s truck was packed with ice chests, boxes and Styrofoam containers, all filled with blood. ~let’s hope Sunnydale’s finest are at their standard today~ Xander thought as he drove carefully home.


Night was just beginning to fall, when Xander had left to take Dawn home; which left Spike and Giles alone in the apartment. They hadn’t spoken more than a few words to each other. Both trying to keep out of each other’s way, and to respect Xander’s wish.

Spike, mean-while, was drinking as much as he could of the blood Xander brought home. Some of the blood was human, but most of it was half-breed, and it had one hell of a heady kick. Spike was acting like a kid on a sugar rush, and talking about as fast as one, too.

Giles was wishing he had brought chains to bind Spike up. “Spike, for the last bloody time, will you sit down and play that infernal game!” Giles snapped.

Spike snickered at Giles. “Naw, mate, its bloody fun ta piss you off.”

Giles who had gotten up to refresh his tea, gently set the cup next to the ottoman, and with exaggerated care, sat himself down as well. “Spike, I do understand some of that blood was Demon, but this was not what I was expecting.”

Spike snorted. “Wanker, its half-Demon, my boy didn’t bring no Demon blood.”

“Why must you refer to Xander as a boy?” Giles said, frowning at Spike, who blinked owlishly back at him.

 “Eh, you’re bloody right, Ripper, ‘es not a boy. ‘Es turned into a bloody gorgeous and well built man. All grown up,” Spike said, as if he’d just had an epiphany.   



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