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Another Mod Post Regarding The Possible Plagiarism

After due consideration, and a totally unsurprising bout of paranoia, I have decided to set the community to moderated posting, just for a short time, until the case has been resolved over at stop_plagiarism.

I am not accusing anyone of making - or planning to make - problematic posts, I just want reduce the chances of any/all of you being subjected to anything unnecessarily. I am probably being overly protective, but I'd rather be that than subject you all to the kind of thing I've seen happen in other comms in similar situations.

Again, I want to make sure you all understand that I am not saying anyone would do something silly, I'm just going to be my slightly paranoid self and mother-hen you all for the next few days. ;)

I'll be online all the time I'm not working and/or sleeping, so you shouldn't have to wait too long for your posts to be okayed, and hopefully, it will only be for a short while, and then we can all get back to normal.

*hugs to you all*
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