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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Bought & Paid For - Spike/Xander - 13 
16th-Oct-2010 04:03 pm
Title: Bought and Paid For
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Xander/Wes, Spike/Xander
Beta: Unbeta'd but proofread
Master :Master!post
Part : 13/?
Warnings : Dark fic – dub dom/sub
Prompt(s): 50kinkyways card :Whips/paddles, ball gag, voice sex and nekid_spike Numbers : Wesley/Tara, Black Cat, Dungeon
Disclaimer: Hmmm, mine? Nah!
Summary: Just ahead of the weekend, the boys enjoy some playtime...
Graphics: Image of the paddle at end of chapter

You know, I think I might have met your friend Wesley
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