smarieh (smarieh) wrote in bloodclaim,

Looking for a Xander/Spike story

I read a spike/xander story years ago that I've been wanting to read again but I can't remember the name.  What I do remeber is this

1) Midway thru the story spike & xander buy a house ( i don't remember in what city) that is occupied by pink demon mice that xander names dice, they seem to come from some sort of opening in the attic

2) also has a wesley/gun pairing,  where wesley has become part water, or amphibeous demon as the backlash of some spell that happened before the story.  Wesley & Gunn eventually move in with spike abn

3) spike & xander sleep in a "nest" of pillows  that they call " the next"   & devote a room to

i think i may have originally found it on stepaway from my xander (which is now long gone, of course)

if anyone can help I'd appreciate it!
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