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City_Land Drabble - Spike/Xander

city_land drabble
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating : PG
city_land prompts : Willow, rope, cemetery

The fact that the spell called for a rope that had been blessed by a priest caused enough of a problem. In the end, Tara did it for her – visited the local church and asked for the blessing, explaining it was for a religious project at college. Willow couldn't do it herself – she felt that her religion was written all over her face, and anyway she couldn't lie to save her life.

Finally, they were there in the cemetery standing around the grave. Spike was stomping around cursing which made her incredibly nervous. Not that she wasn't nervous enough already. This wasn't just any spell. The blessed rope was placed around in a rectangle encompassing the entire site. And the spell was spoken. Now all that remained was to see if it had worked.

“Why isn't anything happenin' Red?”

“Sssh, give it time.”

“Bugger that, it didn't work. Oh shit, it didn't work. What am I gonna do? I can't …....look without him there's just no.....” He stalked away, overcome. Willow's eyes widened and she bit her lip as the earth began to stir. Oh Goddess!

“Hey Spike?”

“Yeah luv?”

“What all the hubbub?”

“We're waiting to see if Red's managed to seal your soul to ya. Had to turn ya in a hurry and we just.... we just weren't ready.”

“Oh right. Cool.”


“Yeah Spike?”


“Yeah Spike?!”

“Oh my God, luv, you're alright! Look Red, he's alright!”

“Well duh! Only the tastiest Wicca in the world working for me. I'm cool. Now can we eat – I'm starving!”

“That was not funny mister, me and Tara are out of here!”

“Ah come on Wills, I was only playing!”

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