Betsanne (betsanne) wrote in bloodclaim,

Looking for a story!

Hey all!

I am looking for a Xander/Spike story/series...not sure which it was. Sadly, I
can't remember alot of the story, just that it was long and quite a good read.

Spike becomes a Master or (is a Master Vampire) of a city and I don't believe
that its the Hellmouth and he claims Xander. They eventually fall in love, there
was no forcing Xander to be his consort, and I remember that Xander was a slave
(or a clone of the Original Xander) who had to learn to be a body guard for
Spike. I remember that Xander was treated kinda bad in the beginning because he
was only a body slave until he saved Spike (I think) and then he was taught to
become a body guard (assassin) for spike.

Angel was a decent guy in the story (I think).

I might be getting two stories mixed together, but does it sound remotely
familiar to anyone?

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