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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Spread the LOVE!!! 
17th-Nov-2010 08:42 pm
grabby hands by Moscow_Watcher
It's Fandom Love all day on LJ, and I wanna see some Spander love! I'd love you to mention your favorite Spander canon scene, your favorite moment in a Spander fic and a link to that fic, and I'd love you to write what Spander fic you wish to read in the future.

Let me start first:

Canon Scene: My favorite scene from the show is Xander lighting Spike's cigarette in Spiral. It's such a small sweet moment of appreciation and gratitude, Xander being gentle and friendly with Spike, not to mention asking Spike about his injuries. I wish the show had more moments like that between the two.

Fic Moment: Sands of Time, the moment in Sandy Places on the Ground. Spike just killed Xander's father and went to see Xander, they kissed and Xander tasted his father's blood in Spike's mouth. Of course, Xander didn't know it was his father's, but we all guessed it was. God, it was a chilling scene. So awesome.

Wish Fic: I'd really love to read a one sided fic where Xander is in love with Spike but Spike is in love with Buffy.

Now it's your turn!!

Oh, also take ruuger's a The Great Buffyverse Shipping Poll and vote for Spander and other favorite ships.
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