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You know they're doin' it
fic search 
19th-Nov-2010 02:47 pm
Hi :)

I wonder if anyone can remember one long story, I think it was on the Spander Files.

I don't remember much of it, but there was a lot of relationship stuff and for the most of the story S and X were together, but they kept misunderstanding each other. It wasn't some childish stuff though, felt like real life to me.

I'm not entirely sure if Spike was human there, but he and Xander lived together and one of them was an artist(some kind of painter I think).

There was one thing I remember that Spike had to leave the state for a while (on a job related trip, so maybe he was human after all) and they had a heavy argument just before. So Xander isn't very surprised that Spike never emails him and X is not sure that S is coming back after all.
But Spike keeps writing and is highly frustrated that his emails are being ignored. But the thing was, X somehow managed to block S's emails in his mail program without realising it.

Does anyone know what story it might have been? I would be very grateful for any tips. :)

19th-Nov-2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
I've never read that story before. I'd love to read it hopefully someone knows what it is =)
19th-Nov-2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
It's not repossession by lazuli_kat is it?? Just the email thing where he locks himself out; business trips, etc...

19th-Nov-2010 01:11 pm (UTC) - YESYESYES!!
I can't believe I got the story within half an hour of posting!

Thank you soooo much, skargasm!

I absolutely love you. If I could, I'd give you chocolate! :)
19th-Nov-2010 02:35 pm (UTC) - Re: YESYESYES!!
Ahhh chocolate!! You're welcome - it's one of my absolute favourites so I love sharing ;0)
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