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Fic search

Hi! I hope I'm doing this right! I have 2 searches - one is specific and the other is more general.
1. The specific search is for a fic set during the last days of season 7. Spike and Xander become friends and then lovers but I think it was a secret. I remember there being something about it being only a few days. Spike does the whole sacrifice with the gem thing. But I think when he comes back he's human. I think? I do remember that Xander has a tattoo with the specific number of days they were together. I'm also sure I read it on SpanderFiles. Does any of that sound familiar?

The general search is for any fics you'd recommend with an insecure Xander. Or Spike. I'm good either way. I'd like fics where the boys got together but one thinks it's only sex. Or only temporary. And the other is oblivious , because of course it's love! And fics where Xander thinks Spike is still in love with Buffy or Drusilla and thinks Spike is going back to them. (especially when Buffy comes back post-The Gift.

So any suggestions are welcome. But with happy endings only Please! (It's possible I'm projecting my own need for reassurance onto the boys, but whatever)


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