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Announcing A NEW SPANDER ONLY Community

Posted with the permission of the lovely Darkhavens *Hugs*

Announcing a NEW Spander Member Only Community.

A Beautiful Obsession  

You may be wondering why, when we have the awesome Bloodclaim do we need another Spander community? Quite simply you will find things on eternal_spander you won't find on Bloodclaim and vice versa.

eternal_spander  is a Community locked to members who must be over 18 and therefore is free to accept fiction of all ratings from G to NC17, from light and fluffy to the very dark.

 All we ask is that stories are 100% Spander, no threesomes/moresomes,  we want undiluted SPANDER.

We aim to be a sanctuary for the SPANDER obesessed.

Pop along, look around, sign up and indulge your passion.

Naughty_Fae and Bmblbee

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