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fic search!

There was a small series that I read years ago that I can no longer find the link for and I was hoping someone out there recognized it. It was an Alt. Season 2 in which before the season started Drusilla turns Xander insane by gruesomely killing his parents while he slept and having him wake up in a room covered in blood and body parts. He is sent to an asylum where she visits him and has sex with him. Spike finds out and is jealous, comes to kill him but is too entranced to do so even when Xander begs him to. Drusilla attempts to turn him with some kind of ritual being involved and Spike interrupts. Xander ends up being turned but maybe still keeps his soul? anyways he is almost as crazy as Drusilla and has visions too and the same physical weakness which leads them to go to Sunnydale. There are alot more details I can provide but this is generally the beginning of the stories, there were only 3 or so last I knew. If anyone knows what I am talking about can you please throw me a link? I have already googled and spanderfiled it to death but I may have missed it. Thanks.
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