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Help! Fic search

I know I should know this. I do. It's in my brain somewhere but I can't thunk it out. And I lost my really well organized Spander bookmarks two computers ago.

Xander has disassociated himself from the gang, all of whom have (since?) moved to England and are doing Council type things there. He and Spike were previously together but split up (before the move to England?) and there is still a lot of baggage there. Someone fetches Xander to England to help with a major crisis (they possibly need him for a spell) and he and Spike start resolving their issues. The most notable setting thing that I can remember is that they have a large manor type property that they are using for training slayers and Spike has a cottage on the property that is away from the main house. There is much angst and a general sense of h/c to this. I remember it being beautiful and wrenching in a lot of ways.

Any thoughts?

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