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Fic Search

FOUND:  Stranger Things series, by Tolerik.

Does anyone remember a fic where, due to Xan's relationship/bond with Spike, Giles gives Xander the journal of a young woman who was claimed/bonded to a vamp?  The journal basically describes her descent into madness, and Giles figured that's where Xan was headed.  Turns out, the woman was very religious, and it was her belief that she was bound to a demon which drove her mad, or something like that.  That's absolutely all I can remember of the fic.

And why is it I remember these weird bits and pieces of a story, but can't remember enough to find the story in my tags?  I mean, if I'd thought "18th century journal of claimed woman" would be significant, it'd be in my tags.  But no, apparently my brain doesn't want to remember the tags I use, so it makes up its own.  Sigh.

Help?  And thanks.  :)
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