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Christmas spirit

Author: 5wordsorless
Fandom: BTVS
Wordcount: 400
Rating: R
Characters: Spike, Xander
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
Beta(s): Lovely Skargasm
Disclaimer: The boys belong to Joss, but I love them more

From where he was, he could see the snow falling, out of the window.
It was cold outside but warm inside the apartment, a nice fire crackling in the fireplace and the sparkling red and white lights from the Christmas tree were adding a festive touch to the room.
He was charmed by the snow and he was trying to follow every single flake with his eyes.
Xander was a California boy, snow didn't belonged in his childhood memories and the first time he had seen the snow had been last year, his first winter in England.
Back at home, Xander had hated and feared Christmas. His parents, together with several other members of the Harris family, used to get drunk on Christmas Eve and until the day after Christmas, making the house a mess of drunken bodies spread on every horizontal surface available.
Sometimes Jesse's parents had given him shelter for some hours or the night, but it felt so wrong to come between family celebrations, when the family was not his own.
Growing up as teenager, he had started to leave the house, no matter he had a place to go or not.
He didn't remember presents under the Christmas tree, decorations and light on the house or Christmas carols. He simply never learned to get in the spirit of Christmas.
But this year he wanted to get it, at any cost.
This year was his first Christmas with Spike as a couple.
Despite their mutual misbehaviour during the years in Sunnydale, they got to know each other better and ended up together.
So now Xander had a vampire he loved, a home, a tree, the lights and even the snow.
This year he would have got the Christmas night of his life.
He mentally checked again his to-do list, wine in the fridge, candles on the table and Spike's present... He had thought for days about what should had been the perfect present for his lover, now everything was ready.
He heard the key in the lock, he closed his eyes and sighed in anticipation.

“Oooh pet” he said when he opened the bedroom door.
Xander was on their bed, his wrists handcuffed to the header board, he was dressed only with a black leather collar.
“Hope you like your present, baby.”
Spike leered at him for a moment, before starting to undress.
“It's perfect” he whispered in Xander's ear “So much for Christmas spirit, luv”

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