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Temptation - Spike/Xander - R

city_land Challenge Bingo Card
Prompt :
Medium : Flash fiction
Word Count : 250
Characters : Spike/Xander

His boy didn't know the chip no longer worked. And the temptation was so so strong. A night of passionate love making, an exhausted Scooby and a bite and sip. Within 48 hours he would have his first Childe, and his boy would be safe with him for eternity.

They would have to leave Los Angeles of course. The Slayer wouldn't accept it, and neither would Angel, the souled Poof. But for the chance to keep his Xander by his side – now and for always – it would be worth cutting himself off from his family for that. He had never known love like this – to be wanted for himself, loved so much and so well – it hurt sometimes how happy he was. And he was a selfish bastard – didn't want to lose it. Not now, not ever.

But what happened if the demon was too strong? If what awoke wasn't his Xander? Oh he would still love it – the love of a Sire for his Childe. But he would lose that beautiful warmth. He would lose the inner child that made Xander as likely to giggle at cartoons as he was to rush headlong into battle with just an axe and a have-a-go attitude.

Sighing, Spike snuggled back down next to Xander, soaking up his warmth. And accepted that temptation or not, he wouldn't risk losing his boy – even if it meant in the long run, mortality would mean he lost him anyway.
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