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Anniversary Graphics Post

Well, it's a little later than expected, due to LJ being a phenomenal bitca on the anniversary itself, followed by the last few hours of maintenance being carried out on the madcow cluster (pause for hysterical laughter and pointing), where my journal happens to be situated.

But here we have shareable graphics - icons for lj and web buttons to grace your website so you can send more unwary web-travellers into our clutches. ;o)

By saifai:

By werewindle:


By darkhavens:

By literati:







By _sharvie_ (Sorry it took so long to put these up sweetie. I have a memory like sieve. *g*)

The bloodclaim icons on the community userpic page are also shareable.

Remember, feedback is lifeblood! Let the artists know you like their work!
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