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37/37 & Epilogue
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander, baby. All the way
Rating: NC17 for strong language and M/M sexual content
Warnings: See above. All that and a bag of chips
Disclaimer: The Bee claims no profit off the characters or products used in this story.
However, the Bee does own the story itself. Please do not take without asking.

Summary: During a night of celebrating his newly purchased property, a rundown farm
house, Xander has one too many and is stopped for DUI. With the jails already overcrowded,
he finds himself on house arrest in that very same delapidated, isolated house. With one
surprise. His house is not as empty as he thought. There are vampire squatters living in the basement.

Special thanks to Naughty_Fae for the encouragement and to Silk_ Labyrinth for the
spelling and punctuation beta. Any other errors are on the Bee.

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"Hey, sleepyhead, scoot your scrumptious arse over and let me in."

Xander grunted, and as soon as the cold hand lightly swatted his butt, he wriggled and worked his
way over toward the middle of the bed. He yawned but was unable to awaken enough to open his
eyes. When he felt the long length of the cool, hard body settle in beside him, he rolled over, blinked
and smiled.

"Morning, good looking. How was your night?"

Spike leaned in and kissed the soft pillowy lips of his pet. He wallowed in the warmth that radiated
from the human and he couldn't stop his hands from caressing and touching every inch of the pliant
form. In compliance with his orders, his pet now slept naked so that his luscious body was
accessible whenever Spike was in the mood.

And it seemed that Spike was always in the mood.

"Oh, you know. The usual. A bit of drinking, a round of fisticuffs and a belly full of blood. Of
course all I could think about all night was returning to you, my sweet, wonderful pet. You and
this strong, thick, muscular body that I love so much."

Xander snorted and rolled his eyes. He knew bullshit when he heard it and Spike could heap it by
the truckload when he wanted too. The truth was, Xander knew that when Spike was on the prowl,
the vampire was busy with a variety of activities, none of which involved his pining away for his pet
at home.

Spike had his own friends. Other species of demons as well as vampires and even some humans
of dubious parentage that shared Spike's interests in drinking, card playing and often a wagered round
of billiards. But that was all right. Xander didn't need constant contact to be assured of Spike's love.

The claim took care of that. The bites and the exchange of blood between them had cemented their
bond. It was a steady thrum in the back of both of their minds and hearts. It whispered of a devotion
that a few miles' separation could not affect. There was nothing short of death or dusting that could
come between them.

"Yeah. Right. And I lay awake all night wondering where you are and what you are doing."

Spike and Xander both laughed at the lie. That was one of the best things about their relationship.
There was no clinging. No questioning. There was only the trust a pet has for his master. The
only uncertainty was which of them was which.

A gentle push on Xander's shoulder encouraged him to roll over onto his back. When he did, he
wrapped his arms around his naked vampire and took him along for the ride so that Spike settled on
top. A position he most preferred. Xander then rested his hands high over his head. He wanted
wake-up sex. Hell, he always wanted wake-up sex, but before they got too far along, Xander also
wanted to talk.

"You know what today is, don't you? It's our one-month anniversary."
"Shhh. I don't want to talk."
"Yeah, you're right. I don't either, but shoot, I gotta tell ya, this has been the best month of my life.
How about you? Okay, I know that is silly. As in, no life, and I suppose when I consider all the
things you have done over the years before we met, there are probably a lot of months that were
better. Were there?"

Spike leaned down and placed a heated kiss on his human's mouth and it achieved the expected
result. Xander immediately moaned, opened his mouth and accepted the intrusive tongue of his lover.

The conversation was over.

Spike gripped Xander's forearms and stretched his smaller body out flat on top of Xander's large one.
He arched and undulated in an effective imitation of a worm that had both men moaning and
squirming. They were skin-to-skin starting at their four pebbly nipples, their flat stomachs and
ending with two hard cocks that were wedged uncomfortably against protruding, sharp hip bones.

As the passion of the kiss increased, their lips mashed, their tongues dueled and their bodies
writhed. Spike's hips humped as his hard cock dragged back and forth over the prickly flesh. The
five o'clock shadow of Xander's crotch pulled and stabbed sharply at Spike's foreskin, burning
and scratching with a glorious pain.

Since Xander had begun regularly shaving his 'happy nappy', Spike had regularly suffered rug burns
on his cheeks, chin, and the bottoms of his feet. Use your imagination.

When the kiss finally broke, Xander gasped for air as Spike's face burrowed into the human's
neck. There, he nipped, licked and nuzzled, teasing, promising but not yet breaking the surface with
a bite that Xander craved.

"Oh, yeah, baby. Mark me. Bite me. Ride me, Spike. Ride my cock."

Xander already had his hot hands on Spike's hips, coaxing him and pushing him upwards. Spike
sighed at the wanton desire in his boy's voice. Desire for him. For Spike. That knowledge nearly
sent him over the edge. He had always been love's bitch and now he apparently was Xander's too.
No problem there.

Spike placed his palms flat on Xander's chest. He took a moment to pinch the human's dark pink
nipples and he raked his demonic fingernails down the stomach, leaving red welts in his wake. He
then pressed on the flat, hard abdomen and he shoved himself up to sit and straddle. All the
while struggling to maintain his human face.

He needn't have bothered. Xander loved Spike's human face but the demon's features fanned
the flames of rapture. It boiled in his blood and rushed through his veins. The sight of the
vampire filled Xander with unrestrained passion.

"Let go. Let me see you. You are my master. Show me."

Spike let out a roar that shook the walls and silenced the creatures that lived in the proximity of the
old farmhouse. His face shifted into a grotesque sort of beauty that shot through Xander with an
odd mixture of terror and sexual delight. Reaching up, Xander's fingertips traced the hardened ridges
on Spike's forehead and cheekbones. Spike smiled and the tips of is fangs peeked from under his lips.

"Oh, yeah. Fucking perfect."

Xander's hands ran up the insides of Spike's wide-open thighs till his thumbs bumped and poked at
the vampire's heavy nuts. Just above them jutted the huge, intimidating hooded cock. When
Xander thought back on some of the appalling things that cock had done to him over the past weeks,
a shudder of delight rippled through him. Xander wondered what the possibility was that he could
bend enough to reach it with his mouth. Two failed attempts proved it wasn't feasible.

Xander's own cock was nestled into the crack of Spike's ass and Spike continued to scoot back and
forth, scratching the back of his nut sac on Xander's pubic prickles. Xander knew what he was doing
and because the sight of the monster was so cute, he let the grunting and rutting continue.

"Lift up baby."

Spike pressed his palms flat against Xander's chest and he raised his hips enough that Xander could
slide his hands between his vampire's legs. His warm fingers were oily and wet with lubrication and
he wiggled them between the clenched, cool, firm cheeks.

Spike bent forward and held still as his pet breached his tight anal ring with first one finger then two.
It was slick. It was smooth and it was maddening. The fingers wiggled and plunged in and out as
deeply as Xander was able. They brushed over Spike's hot gland giving him just enough pleasure
that he knew if the boy didn't pull out those damn fingers and shove in his cock soon, Spike would
have to kill him.

"That's enough. I don't need lubed up. Vampire, pet, vamp. I'm ready. I need...I'm ready."

Xander was long past ready himself. His aching, hard cock was sliding up and down the small
concave of the base of Spike's back while Xander continued to finger fuck his lover. It was a kink.
He loved to shove as much of his hand as he could up in Spike's asshole. The more he did, the harder
he got. It was more than foreplay. It was a postponement of promised pleasure that drove both
their desperation high as a kite so that by the time Xander allowed himself to trade fingers for cock,
he was ready to explode.

It was vulgar, nasty and shameful. And Xander fucking loved it. Truth be told, Spike did too. He
had more than once whined and begged for the glorious torture to stop, all the time hoping it wouldn't.

This time it would. Xander had awakened several times during the night with an urgent erection. He
had checked the time on his clock and counted the hours till his lover would come home and give him
the intense sexual pleasure he always found in Spike's body.

He was past the point of control. He couldn't think. Every inch of his skin crawled with the need
for cool, firm flesh to press against him, touch him and grip him. He roughly pulled his fingers out
with a squishy whoosh and before the gaping hole could close up, he shoved his hard, hot cock deep
into the willing body.

"Oh hell!"

Spike arched backward as the thick meaty rod was plunged deeply inside him. To prevent the
vampire's dislodging him, Xander's hands held onto the slim hips to hold his lover firmly in place.
In response to the intrusion, Spike's internal muscles spasmed, squeezing Xander repeatedly
and threatening to milk the orgasm out of him before he even got started.

Quickly, Xander wrapped his fist around Spike's cock and he began stripping and jerking the
anxious, dripping dick erratically. It had gotten so hard the bulbous head protruded from the skin
hood that usually shrouded it.

"Damn! Oh, baby, yes. Your ass is so fucking tight! Come on, baby, move for me. Ride me hard."

Spike bent at the waist and suddenly his vicious, snarling face was just inches from Xander's.
The vampire's razor-sharp teeth snapped ominously, eliciting a gasp of delight from his pet. Then,
with his hands on Xander's stomach, Spike lifted his ass upward, slowly dragging himself nearly off
the impalement before he dropped back down as he growled like a wild animal.

Xander sighed. His head flopped back on the pillow and his eyes rolled up in his head.

Both men grunted in unison and the journey began. Spike found his rhythm and, like a marathon
runner, set a grueling pace that had them both charging toward the finish line. They clawed at
each other. They swore and shouted. When the strain caused Xander's flesh to perspire, Spike
quickly licked the salty sheen from his boy's face and neck.

Within minutes, both men felt the fire snap in their spines and their balls pull up tightly, but
Xander strained to hold off.

"Pleeease. Please Spike. Now. Now."

Spike didn't hesitate. He knew what his pet wanted because he needed the same thing. With two
more pumps of his butt, Spike dropped down hard, shoving Xander's cock as far into his body as it
would go and he then sank his fangs into Xander's throat. Every muscle in Xander's body stiffened
then slumped limply when the first mouthful of blood was pulled from his veins.

It was euphoria. It was a powerful drug shot into his body that blanked his brain and triggered an
almost painful release that flooded Spike's bowels with a hot sperm flush. Every time his dick
jumped and squirted, the heat and pleasure rushed through him. He never wanted it to end.

Spike too responded. When he tasted the life and love in the rich, thick blood, his demon roared.
His own cock was sausaged in Xander's grip and pressed between their bodies but the lack of space
for mobility didn't matter. Just the feel of the hot hand that held him snugly, combined with the
swallow of blood, was enough to tilt him over the edge and tumbling into orgasm gulch.

Together, their bodies rocked and swayed as the climax peaked then slowly ebbed and ended. When
it did, Spike gently extraced his fangs and dragged his tongue over the wounds to stop the flow. He
then lifted himself off his lover and flinched as the cum gushed out.

"Oh yeah."

Epilogue tomorrow

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