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Fic: Contemplations NC-17 1/1 Immortal Series

Spent my evening working on this, with a break to put my new computer armoire together (*bounces*).

Title: Contemplations
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC-17 (*gasps* I actually tried my hand at Spander smut!)
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were, Spike and Xander would never leave my bed.
Feedback: Please! It feeds the muses. Feed the muses and you get more Immortal series.
A/N: I decided that Spike hasn't been getting nearly enough coverage in this series, so here we go, a fic of Spike contemplating his relationship with Xander. Dani also managed to sneak in on me. Also, if you can figure out what movie I 'borrowed' Spike being startled by Dani from, you can request a drabble/ficlet/fic from the Immortal!verse.


Spike lay in his and Xander's bed, staring down at his husband. His impossibly blue eyes traced over those beloved features, wishing he could see Xander's true face. The night he'd found out Xander was really an Elf had been a rollercoaster ride emotionally.


It was a year after they'd returned to Sunnydale, after dropping Danielle off at Spike's apartment, Xander had driven off. Curious, Spike had called Dawn and asked her to come watch over the toddler while he went out to, ostensibly, hunt. After letting in the dark haired young woman, Spike walked out to Breaker's Woods, figuring that's where Xan was most likely to be.

As he got within a few yards of the clearing, he heard voices. One he recognized as Xander's, but the other, female, was unfamiliar. As he came closer, he stifled a gasp at the figures in the clearing. The pair was in profile to him. The man resembled Xander, but he knew Xander didn't have pointed ears, his beautiful chocolate brown eyes weren't an odd combination of brown green and gold, and his long unruly hair wasn't straight.

Spike jumped when the woman spoke. "Banished from your home for a human who became a vampire and you don't even love him anymore." Spike's head cocked to the side in confusion. Banished? "What of William?" William?

"What of him?" the man with Xander's voice asked, his expression wary.

"You say you love him. Does he know?" The woman asked, concern apparent in her green eyes.

Spike flinched when the man's head turned and their eyes locked. He drew in a sharp breath at the look in those eyes. Xander? "He knows, what he does with that knowledge is up to him."

The blond vampire jumped when the woman spoke again. "You may as well come out, William. We both know you are there." Warily, Spike stepped out from the covering shadows of the trees, still staring at Xander.

"Xan?" He asked hesitantly, his usual bravado gone.

"Yeah. It's me." To Spike's surprise, a shimmer enveloped him, leaving Xander's familiar form behind.

"What--?" The blond asked, taking a step closer to his friend.

"I am of the Sidhe, Spike." He said, holding out one hand to the vampire.


Spike had been fascinated by Xander's true form. His hair was the same texture, just straight, his eyes were an impossible combination of brown, green, and gold, but his heart had the same rhythm, it still soothed him.

One night, after Spike and Xander had moved in together, they'd dropped Dani off at the girls' house so they could have a night with just the two of them.


"Let me see you, Alle." Spike said, his head in his lover's lap.

The familiar shimmer, then the texture of the pants under Spike's head changed from denim to butter-soft leather, Spike looked into Alle'sandre's eyes and smiled. "Love you."

The uncertainty in his eyes faded as Alle smiled. "Show me." He said softly, a moment later, gold met brown/green/gold. "Love you, too."

Spike stood, grabbed Alle'sandre's hand and pulled him up as well. The Elf's arms wrapped around the vampire's waist as the pair shared a deep kiss. Spike groaned as Alle'sandre's talented tongue explored his fangs. Gods, didn't know those could be an erogenous zone. Spike thought hazily to himself.

Reluctantly, he pulled away, allowing Alle'sandre some time to catch his breath. "Bed." Alle said through his pants.

"Bed." Spike agreed as he turned and towed his lover along behind him as he left the living room and headed for the master bedroom. Beside the bed, Spike stopped and turned to face the Elf. Lifting one hand, he ran those silky dark brown strands through his finger. "So beautiful."

Alle smiled and ran his own fingers through Spike's loose curls, the vampire had stopped using gel when he found out how much Alle'sandre loved to run his fingers through his hair. "Gorgeous." Alle's hold tightened in Spike hair as he leaned forward and captured his lips in a heated kiss.

Spike's hands trailed down the Elf's back to grip his ass, pulling the other man's pelvis into closer contact with his own. He groaned low in his throat as their erections brushed. Turning, he pushed Alle down onto the bed, following close behind, not relinquishing his lover's lips.

"Wil." Alle'sandre gasped as the vampire left his mouth and trailed open-mouthed kisses along his jaw up to his ear and nibbled gently on the point. The Elf's hips bucked involuntarily. "Gods." He breathed.

The vampire pulled back and grinned down at the gasping man below him. "Hot spot, love?"

Alle'sandre growled at his lover before pulling him down to capture his lips once more. Chuckling, Spike pulled away again and trailed kisses down the Elf's neck, his nimble fingers working on the laces on Alle'sandre's tunic. He sat back for a moment to let Alle pull it off as he pulled his own shirt off. Leaning back down, Spike trailed nips, licks, and kisses down from Alle'sandre's throat to his left nipple, once the Elf was panting and writhing below him, he moved over to the right.

"Gods! Wil, more!" Alle gasped.

Spike grinned. "With pleasure, love." With that, he moved down to Alle'sandre's navel. He planted his lips around the indentation and sucked as he pushed his tongue in and out in a parody of what he'd be doing very soon. Still engrossed in his task, he didn't hear Alle'sandre open the bedside table and grab the tube of lube.

Moving further down in the bed, Spike trailed his tongue up the underside of his lover's cock, delighting in the slightly sweet pre-come leaking from the tip to gather in a puddle on the Elf's stomach. The vampire sucked the head into his mouth, careful not to prick it with his fangs. Humming with pleasure, Spike looked up into the lust hazed brown/green/gold eyes. Alle'sandre held out the lube, which Spike took, his heated gold eyes still locked with his lover's. As he moved his mouth further down his lover's cock, Spike opened the tube and squirted some of the lube onto his fingers and palm. Gently, he pushed one finger into Alle's entrance as he deep-throated him. With a harsh groan, Alle's hips bucked. Spike quickly pushed two, then three fingers into his lover's ass, careful not to brush his prostate. He didn't want this to end too soon.

"Now, Wil. Need you in me." Alle'sandre gasped, tugging on a handful of Spike's unruly curls.

Spike gently withdrew his fingers and released the Elf's cock and crawled up his body. "Ready, love?"

"Please, Wil. Need you so much." Alle said wrapping his long legs around the vampire's waist.

"Gods, Alle, so good." Spike groaned as he slowly buried his cock in his lover. He paused for a moment, waiting for Alle to let him know he was ready. When he felt the Elf push up against him, Spike slowly withdrew until only the head was in, carefully, he shifted his hips before sinking back in, brushing his lover's prostate.

"Wil!" Alle'sandre cried as stars erupted behind his eyes. Panting, he grabbed his lover ass. "More, please! More!" With a groan, the last of Spike's control fled and he started pounding into his lover. "Yessssss!" Alle hissed as he reached down and started fisting his cock.

"Gods, Alle, so hot." Spike gasped out as he rested his forehead against his lover's shoulder, his rhythm never faltering.

As he felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge, Alle'sandre tilted his head to the side. "Bite me, Wil." Spike's head shot up and wide gold eyes stared into loving brown/green/gold. "Please."

With a low growl, Spike lowered his mouth to the junction where neck met shoulder and sank his fangs into Alle'sandre's flesh, drawing gently on the wounds, he moaned as his orgasm crashed through him at the same time as Alle screamed and came as well.

Panting, Spike gently extracted his fangs and collapsed atop his lover. Immediately he felt Alle'sandre's warm arms wrap around him. Blood tears leaked from between tightly closed eyelids as he gently lapped blood from the healing wounds. The Elf made soft comforting noises as he ran his hands up and down the shaking vampires back. Once he'd calmed down a little, Spike lifted his head and looked into those impossible eyes. "Thank you." He said softly.

Alle'sandre smiled. "I love you, Wil. All of you."

That night, they'd slept with Spike's cock still buried in Alle'sandre's ass.


Great, now I'm horny. Spike thought to himself. Smiling, he gently brushed a kiss across Xander's brow before climbing out of bed. After pulling on his robe, Spike left the room and walked down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen. Padding quietly across the room to the fridge, he opened it, extracted a blood bag, and turned to grab a mug off the drying rack, he wasn't prepared to see Danielle sitting at the kitchen table munching on some cookies she'd made earlier that day. "Gah!" Spike yelled in surprise. Clutching his chest, Spike leaned against the fridge behind him. "Gods, luv. If me heart worked it would have stopped beatin'."

Danielle grinned. "Ta muchly!" She chirped around a mouthful of cookie.

Chuckling softly, Spike grabbed his favorite mug and, after ripping open one corner with a fang, poured the blood in it. Crossing the room, he placed the mug in the microwave and set the appropriate time. "S'matter, Dani? Couldn't sleep?"

"No, I have a major test I'm studying for. Well, trying to anyways. My mind keeps drifting." Danielle replied as she dipped a piece of cookie in her glass of milk.

Spike nodded as the microwave dinged and he pulled out his mug. Moving towards the table, he stopped and grabbed some cookies from the jar before continuing on his way. He sat down across the table from his adopted daughter.

"What about you, Da?"

"I'm still a night owl, bit." Spike pointed out before taking a sip of his blood.

Danielle let loose an unlady-like snort. "You still generally sleep through the night."

Spike shrugged. "Woke up a couple hours ago and me brain turned on and I couldn't get back to sleep."

Danielle nodded, an unrepentant grin on her face. "Thinkin' 'bout Daddy?"

"Yeh." Spike answered, staring down into his mug. He glanced up for a moment before returning his gaze to the mug. "Thinkin' 'bout what we talked about this afternoon?"

Danielle sighed. "It's a little much to take in. I mean I'm 16 and a half. For my whole life I thought I was a normal person, then, wham! I'm really an Elf." A single tear trailed down her cheek. "Don't get me wrong, it was nice meeting Grandpa, and seeing what Daddy really looks like, but it's scary at the same time, y'know?"

Spike reached across the table and grabbed one of Danielle's shaking hands. "I know, baby girl." The girl's head shot up at the cultured British tones in place of the usual mockney. "It's not that far removed from what it was like for me when I first woke up after being turned."

"Is that--?"

Spike nodded. "This is how I sounded as a human and for the first several years of being a vampire. I was born William Barstow, son of a cobbler. My da died when I was ten and it was just me and my mum until I died at age 26."

"Tell me about the 1800s, Da?" Dani asked, curiosity shining in her hazel eyes.

The vampire shifted a little in his chair before beginning to speak.


When Xander came downstairs a few hours later, he smiled at the pair on the living room couch. Danielle had fallen asleep with her head pillowed against her adoptive father's leg while Spike looked down on her, gently running his fingers through her dark blonde hair. Spike looked up and smiled when he saw Xander standing in the doorway.

"Mornin', love." Spike said softly as Xander pushed away from the door and walked silently across the room to drop a light kiss on his lover's upturned lips.

"Morning, lover." He said before sitting down next to Spike. "What time did you get up?"

"'Bout 2. Dani was eating some cookies in the kitchen and we ended up talking the night away." Spike said as he rested his head on Xander's shoulder.

Xander nodded and patted laced his hand with Spike's, his eyes drooping. "That's Spike, nice."

The blonde vampire chuckle softly. "Go to sleep, love."

"M'kay." The brunette mumbled as he fell asleep.

With a contented sigh, Spike closed his eyes as well and joined his husband and daughter in dreamland.

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