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Question Re: Author Lazuli.Kat

Okay, I feel like a total dork, but ... someone sent me a message regarding this issue, and um ... my computer burped and I lost it.  If you read this added note, could you please resend the message, so I can reply?  Thank you.

:::wanders off muttering about computers and inept operators, namely herself:::

Since she writes Spander, I thought it might be okay to ask this here.  Does anyone know if her fiction is hosted anywhere other than her website, which is btopenworld?  For some reason, my computers (yes, both the desktop and laptop) suddenly refuse to access that website, and I've had a hankering for her stories Repossession, Hunger, and Manifestation for a month or more.

So, if anyone knows another place I might find those stories (and any others by her) I'd greatly appreciate it.  Even just an email addy where I can write her would be, as Xander would say, of the good.

Thanks, everyone.
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