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Should the Wide World Roll Away 11/?

Author: divine_nimbus
Title: Should the Wide World Roll Away
Chapter: 11/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Concrit: Yes please! I love to know you're reading.
Disclaimer: All characters are borrowed with respect from Joss Whedon.
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Summary: Spike gets back to Xander (finally). Buffy and Willow take a trip to Giles's house. Julian and Angelus chat some more.
Notes: Oh my know, I think instead of calling this section "Notes" I should label it "Excuses" because I really did not mean to take this long for the next chapter. So for that I apologize. Honestly, I've been sick since the end of November and I'm really only just starting to get over it now. Aside from feeling really terrible, my friend unfortunately accidently overdosed on painkillers and had to go on dyalysis. So now he needs a new kidney. My next semester is starting soon, and I don't even know if people still remember this story, but for any that do and are still reading, I do have Chapter 12 laid out and already started so that should hopefully be up soon. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 11

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