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Another, longer Spander fic

Thank you all so much for the kind responses to my first entry here. You are a very welcoming community. In light of that warm welcome for "Not Ready", I'm going to post the link(s) to another, much longer, completed Spander story. Because the chapters are probably not linked on my LJ (although the fic is in the tags), I'm posting links to both my LJ and my website where it can be found in its entirety all in one place.

Author: Slaymesoftly
Title: He Needs Me
Rating: Strong R?
Summary: The Scoobie gang and an army of slayers arrive just in time to help in the battle against the senior partners. Spike survives, but just barely, and he doesn't want to live. Can Xander bring him back into the world and give him something to live for?
Warnings: Very brief non-sexual Spuffy scene, character death (but not one of our boys)
Beta: alwaysjbj

He Needs Me (LJ)

He Needs Me (website)
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