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Search: spander rec list

Hi all! This may seem like an odd request but I am looking for a specific rec list that seems to have disapparated from my favourites...
It was by someone who either wrote or recced backstreet boys or nsync fanfiction as well as the obvious spander. This list was huge, detailed and included the list creators thoughts. It had about five spander pics at the side of the list which just stayed on the page as you scrolled down.
I'm pretty sure the website name had something to do with summer or something completely unrelated to spander? I know for sure that I recced the site on here a couple of years ago when someone was asking for recs but I can't find it. There are a lot of H/C fics on the list because the creator enjoyed some good old h/c. Ummm... I'm trying to think of anything else which might distinguish it from the millions of other rec lists out there! The background was black... she wasn't afraid to be critical over little points she didn't like. It's just such a great list! I always went back to it every few months to reread things... Please help :)
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