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Photography ~ Spike/Xander ~ Drabbles for Fanfic_Bakeoff

Title: Discovery
Fandom: BtVS
Author: skargasm
Words: 140
Rating: MA
Summary: Xander has a new obsession....
Warnings: Implied M/M

Xander was initially surprised how much he enjoyed photography. Willow was impressed with the photo he had taken of Tara for her birthday, especially as somehow her aura came through on the image, outlining her head like a halo.

But of course, the real reason for his new obsession was Spike. Discovering that Spike showed up on digital photos had been enough for Xander to spend a week's salary buying the best digital camera he could afford. And the latest picture was his complete and utter favourite. The brightness of the flash had not disturbed Spike's sleep, and the resolution showed the utterly flawlessness of his skin, inviting touch. Yes, this was his current favourite although how much Spike would complain about Xander taking photos of his dick and framing them for his desk at work remained to be seen....

Title: Turnabout
Fandom: BtVS
Author: skargasm
Words: 143
Rating: MA
Summary: Spike liked working with a captive subject....
Warnings: Implied M/M sex, bondage

This digital camera malarkey was actually quite a bit of fun. Ignoring the muffled sounds coming from his subject, Spike leaned forward and squinted through the viewer. So much more sophisticated than the cameras he had used earlier in the century. But of course, the resolution of those cameras was so inferior – even the brightest of flashes couldn't catch the tang of the sweat that trickled down the muscles of Xander's chest as his breath heaved. Nothing could compare to vamp sight as he admired the smooth, tanned skin stretched out before him. The beautiful contrast between the shiny metal of the bracelets holding his boy in place, and the thick, strong wrist attached to the writhing body. His boy said the memory card could hold a lot of photos and Spike could see himself really enjoying this new hobby. A lot.

Title: Timer
Fandom: BtVS
Author: skargasm
Words: 145
Rating: MA
Summary: Spike & Xander enjoy photography together
Warnings: M/M sex

The timer was worth the money. Looking through the photos that had been taken periodically made Xander horny but it was nothing compared to their effect on Spike. He had never seen the yellow eyes shining so brightly as Spike scrolled through the images that had been taken. The resolution was impressive, catching the fine grain of Spike's skin as his hand slid down Xander's thigh; the crispness of the hair at Xander's groin so dark against the white of Spike's hollowed cheeks and the pinkness of his lips; so powerful that it showed the tiny bubbles in the fountain of come that was released in reaction to the elegant hands stroking up and down the velvet soft skin encasing his rigid flesh. Yeah, photography was a hobby they could both really get into but perhaps they wouldn't put these photos into the family album.

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