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Searching for a fic

A friend of mine recently discovered Spander and is looking for some fics that don't include any character bashing and so I've been trying to think of fics I liked (because of course when I was always reading Spander I didn't save all the fics the way I do now) and there's one that I just can't remember the title or author of for the life of me.

So, I hope someone can think of the fic I'm looking for but, like I said, I don't remember much since it's been years since I last read it.

Anyway, what I remember is that after Spike and Xander get together, they get an apartment together with better security - or maybe it's just that Spike insists on making the security at Xander's better - because of how Xander's father abused him and attacked him. The Scoobies have a sleepover there as a housewarming. And I also remember that while Spike is gone, Xander's dad tracks them down and attacks/shoots Xander at their apartment and while they're all at the hospital, Buffy and Spike argue over who gets to go after Xander's dad before agreeing that they both get to have a go at him. If I remember right, they end up deciding to lock him in the basement and torture him to give him a taste of what he'd done to Xander and while Giles knows, he pretends not to. I just remember that Spike and Buffy team up against Xander's dad mostly.

This might have also been the fic that started with Xander cutting and he made it almost like a ritual? Kept his knife in a box and put out candles and everything when he was going to do it? Agh, I'm sorry if I'm mixing up fics!

Any help would be awesome! (Or if you just want to rec fics for her to read. I know she's especially looking for stuff that's pre-season 5 before Spuffy started happening.)

Thanks in advance for anything you guys can come up with!

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