angelicvampyre (angelicvampyre) wrote in bloodclaim,

Reposting in the hope that with more info someone can help me find this fanfic

Ok this is what I can remember

1) Spike has a soul and is living with Xander
2) Spike has a job as a bouncer at a bar
3) Xander is in love with spike
4) Spike and willow are really good friends and willow knows that either spike or xander has a crush on the other one
5) There is a movie night and Xander overhears willow giving Spike a shoulder rub and thinks they are making out but then works out that they are not and Xander gives spike a shoulder rub and they both work it out and one of the girls comes in for more drinks and willow says she was sorry as she was trying to stop them to give them more time
6) There was a bit where Spike had a black eye and Xander made him put a steak on it

I have been trying to find this for ages but i can't seem to.

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