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Truth Denied 29/?

Title: Truth Denied 29/?
Pairings: Spander (eventually)
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 overall but this chapter... hard PG13
Warnings: A little dancing
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: About five years post NFA, Xander needs a job, like, NOW! And runs into someone he knows where he'd least expect it.
Word Count: 2618 (As per Word 2007 Word Count but including the lyrics to the song)
Beta: purpledodah and laazikaat
X-posted to: Complete list on my LJ

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A.N. Song time! DL Bleeding love for the dance portion of this chapter.

Find a topless, low pant riding Spike banner beneath the cut!

He went through the box as Spike slept in his room, he’d left after half an hour, feeling warmed and hopeful.

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