Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in bloodclaim,
Debris K.

Looking for a fic: hurt-by-the-chip!Spike/Xander on the run, PTB interfere, schmangst galore

...or something like it, anyway.

I've been trying to find a Spike/Xander fic which is pretty emotional/romantic, or at least the bits I recall of it are. Spike is hurt, maybe crippled in some way (?) by the chip, and there's soldiers/bad guys after him tracking the him through it? Maybe. Anyways, somehow or other Xander is with him/they're on the lam together, but it's not going well for them. Then comes the only scene of the story I recall with any accuracy: the Powers That Be, or some other omnipotent beings, show up to Spike and Xander individually, offering to save one of them. The guys are very self-sacrificing, so a happy end is had with bonuses from this interference.

Hopefully this reminds someone of the story. For some reason I've always confused this story with it being "My Scorpio", but after a recent reread I know it's not even close. XD

Any help is muchly appreciated!

Found by chibi_kachi, it's The New Initiative by Rosejax.

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