dirtygirl42 (dirtygirl42) wrote in bloodclaim,

Looking for Fics with Carpenter! or Successful!Xander

Hi - I'm a huge fan of Successful!Xander fics, particularly when he's become successful working as a carpenter or in construction or with his hands in general. 

I'm looking for two specific fics right now, but I'd love to read more that are similar.  The first fic that I'm looking for features Xander with his own custom furniture business.  He's really successful but doesn't spend time with the scoobies anymore - Spike finds him after seeing him at some kind of Wolfram and Hart party.  The second fic I'm looking for features Xander with a custom weapons business - the story happens in Sunnydale and I think I remember the gang being very dismissive of Xander's talent except for Tara and Anya.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to reading your recommendations!
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