Peps (pepsi_twist9) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search

I'm looking for a fic I believe is in season six.  I don't know if the story begins with Spander in a relationship or if they simply mention it but Spike and Xander were in a relationship while Buffy was dead.  When Buffy comes back Spike thinks he wants Buffy so Xander and him break up (I don't think Spike and Buffy get anywhere, I don't remember there actually being Spuffy in the fic but there might have been).  I do remember at some point Spike climbs back into bed with Xander and Xander tops him except afterwards he thinks he raped Spike (even though it was consensual and not bad or anything) because he thinks Spike still likes Buffy.  They do end up together in the end although I can't remember how.  This sounds really vague to me, but if you know it help anyhow?  Thanks so much.
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