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Ghost in the Machine # 30

Title: Ghost in the Machine

Author: josie_h

Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes later on - ie M/M
Summary: Post Black Thorn and final AtS - The PtBs screw with Spike yet again.
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Author’s Note: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators
Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.
Previous parts here

Xander accompanied his beloved downstairs, stake in pocket, very aware that Spike was now human and might just be on the receiving end of a deadly bite, particularly as the vampire concerned was less than sane, on anyone’s levels.

Surprisingly however, he was witness to an extraordinary exchange and stood back, ever at the ready, to see two lovers of a hundred plus years, reacquaint.

As always Dru was swaying, “My Spike, the stars said you were gone twice… and Daddy is really gone. We are both sad for that.”

Spike merely nodded, unwilling to let the tears flow yet again, but Dru was persistent.

“Daddy loved you too in the end, the stars told me so. And then you were not you, but now are a real boy. And you have another in your life… heeeee” She twirled twice and then with preternatural speed, was against his throat. “I can smell you. You have a heart beat, but you are still my Spike. You might be his but are still mine. Oh that boy from the Hellmouth that stood against Daddy is no longer a boy, is he. I’ve seen it. And you sent for me.”

Spike was aware of Xander at his back and also the other patrons in the foyer, so licked Drusilla’s long dead jugular and whispered, “My sweet thing, let us take this upstairs.”

With a nod from Spike to the concierge, Drusilla swooned for a moment, then was happily ushered up to Xander and Spike’s suite.

The vampire seemed serene and unconcerned, until she entered their own temporary abode, at which point she struck.

Xander was no match for preternatural speed as the female took his partner’s neck, but had a stake to be reckoned with and a motive, it was only Spike’s look and hand that waved him away that stopped him from driving the wood home.

Drusilla stopped after only three long drafts of Spike’s somewhat human blood, and backed into the middle of the room to stand looking more than a little puzzled.

“The stars told me of your soul, but it was not like Daddy’s. And I knew when you burned… but this, this is different. I… I can still feel your demon, Daddy’s essence. It sparkles and is full of *wonderful* darkness, but there is also… What have you done, my Spike? The stars are dark tonight and I cannot tell, but they led me to this place. What have you done?”

Spike was still recovering from the bite, but took the time to nod to Xander, the immediate threat was over, though his lover would remain on ‘stake standby’ if all went badly.

“Precious, Love of my unlife, we simply want to keep you safe. It is why I called to you. I am human, and demon now. And my partner in all things…” Spike reached for and found Xander’s willing hand pulling him close, “My partner and savior in all things, has it in his sights to save you too.”

Drusilla stood immediately and began to spin in the centre of their room.

“My Spike, my Spike! The stars told me you are happy, but now you have a problem and your partner needs something of me to fix this. I am sad for you and happy… but the universe talks and I must answer and it says you always watch for me. Daddy did too, but not now, not now.”

“Daddy can’t anymore, precious.”

“Ooooh, I know… now it is you and your boy that will keep me safe. The night flowers told me. The nasty Wolf, Ram and Hart want to play again, but not like last time, not like last time when my new Childe and we brought them to their end.” Dru began to sway again, rubbing her stomach, something that Xander found quite disturbing but still listened.

“Oh my Spike, they were *so* yummy, all the little piggies locked up in a room ready for slaughter… Hmmm” Dru’s focus seemed on a point near the ceiling and then she changed gears again, staring at Spike hard.

“But you are not mine anymore, my sweet, you belong to the boy, all light and sunshine. Yet you have a plan to save me from the wolves. That’s why the stars called me to your side. You and your darkness called.”

“Just wanting to keep you safe pet, that’s all.”

“Heee, never a good boy, always have to have the dark. Is it time for tea? I left naughty Miss Edith at home, but we can still have tea.”

Xander gripped his homemade stake a little tighter, confused and worried for his lover.

Spike laughed and to Xander’s horror, offered up his wrist.

The vampire rushed forward before Xander could even move to stop her. Drusilla latched on and taking two long drafts before lifting and spitting some of the blood on the floor, wailing. “You and Daddy! You and Daddy! The spark is there, I can taste it!” She spat again.

“What shall I do my Spike? I need my Neschan, with you and he I can keep safe!”

Spike was at a loss then recognized the chaos demon’s name. Licking his painfully open and bleeding wrist, he simply muttered, “We need to get to the coven pet, or get them here. Have them ward you, so you can’t be found.”

“Oooh, tasty witches, Daddy liked nuns, I *like* witches. All spells and warm.”

“Nothing like that sweetness. We go to the old country, have you warded, then you’re on your way back to…” Spike bit back the bile in his throat, “your Neschan.”

“But your pretty boy wants a picture, the trees told me, he needs a picture”

“That he does, but we need to do this first, or Wolfram and Hart will have you.”

Drusilla pouted, then looked somewhat confused, as though the whole previous conversation had never occurred. “Why would the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart want me.”

“My darling Dru. Do you trust me?”

As though a switch had been hit, she smiled in a display of innocence Xander didn’t buy for a minute, “I chose you! In the ally and Daddy finished you and gave you to me. And we had *such* good times. You were mine, my champion, of course I trust you.” Then another switch of pace, “May we hunt now? My belly is so awfully empty.”

“After we are at the coven… then you can hunt.”

Xander had a cold feeling about the whole venture, but trusted Spike who nodded in his direction. They would leave Paris tonight, Drusilla in tow, and rejoin the coven.

It took only a matter of minutes for Xander to find the digital camera he had bought the previous day. While Spike continued to engage Dru, he took numerous photos of the rather amused mad vampire. She posed and swayed and seemed utterly fascinated by the ‘funny little pictures’ that eventuated, insisting on seeing them all, Spike playing along complimenting her on her wonderful dark hair and insisting that ‘the camera loves you’. It was enough.

Following the photo session, and convinced that the human (with demon) Spike would remain safe for a few minutes, Xander swiftly departed to finalize the bill for their suite using the credit card Spike had provided, in anticipation of leaving the following day. The sunlight would be a problem for Drusilla but she solved that by insisting that she be transported in “my box”.

Apparently she had travelled in a temporary coffin which was now stowed somewhere, though extracting the information as to just where she had put it after her arrival in Paris was almost like talking to a magic eight ball! Finally it was established that said item was at the main railway station, so the easiest method of returning to England was by train it seemed.

Spike made the arrangements via phone via the concierge and all was set for a very early morning departure prior to sunup so they might safely place Drusilla in the dark and take the earliest train to London then on to the coven.

Xander packed with urgency, worried about the logistics of transporting the extra ‘luggage’, was still concerned at the idea of Drusilla coming back with them, and more than a little disturbed by Spike’s statement apparently giving permission for the vampire to hunt at or near the coven.

He need not have been so concerned. A taxi at 4am took them directly to Paris central. Dru’s ‘box’ was located with ease – the vampire may have appeared addled but she still had the sense to stash said item behind a set of large long term lockers. The box was decorated inside for comfort and had an internal latch for ease of escape. Neschan was apparently dab hand at constructing wooden boxes and determined to keep his lover safe for this journey. A small carved note on the lid simply said, “With all my love, return soon. N”

Xander marveled at the ruse. Dru had been able to enter the country as a corpse (apparently eating one or two of the luggage handlers prior to being ‘unloaded’). Her coffin was then to be collected at the train station by a relative (a stroke of brilliance on Neschan’s part, Spike unwillingly admitted) After nightfall she then had the wherewithal to let herself out, place the box somewhere safe and track down ‘her Spike’ with apparent ease. Something that had Xander more than a little ‘wigged’.

The trip to England was an easy one – and customs even easier as an apparently effortlessly, teary Spike put on the waterworks for the rather stunned border security, explaining that he was merely taking his older sister to the family grave after he had been forced to pick up her remains from a flight in Paris, her sudden demise “all too early, all too early, and we…”

The sympathetic customs officer noted the South American customs stickers and swiftly processed the couple, patting the bereft young man on the shoulder as the blond seemed to pat the temporary coffin with reverence. “She may have passed, son, but I’m sure she’ll know how much you cared.”

Xander was holding back his mirth with difficulty, unable to look at the innocent, tear tracked face of Spike while thinking “and the Oscar goes to…” Nevertheless, they were out, hailed a long taxi, loaded their ‘box’ and luggage in the back and were on their way to the coven.

Thanks to a couple of web savvy wiccans who had been forewarned, Lilah’s CCTV vision of the two she was so desperate to track was entirely absent. She knew they were heading back to the UK according to transport records, so annoyed with the lack of vision, contacted the Paris office of W&H but seemed to get nowhere as the ‘arrogant prick’ on the other end of the phone refused to speak ‘American’, then insulted her French abilities. She would have to put the pressure on Giles again. No doubt the two were headed back to the coven after their little ‘dirty long weekend’.

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