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16th-Jun-2011 10:07 pm
Theres a fic I can't remember the name of where Willow goes evil and using magic throws a stake at Spike but it hits Xander instead. Hes ok and the fic sort of ends with Spike thinking that its going to take a long time for Xander to trust Willow again. Thanks for any help.  
17th-Jun-2011 12:05 am (UTC)
It sounds a bit like one I did called "The Best of Friends" which takes a long time to get to the Spander (after Buffy is resurrected - before that, that's where they are) but has a scene near the end where evil/angry Willow is throwing stakes at Spike and Xander throws himself on top of Spike to protect him with his body. Which is what it takes for them to realize they love each other... You can find it on my journal, and a link to it on bloodclaim.
17th-Jun-2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much. I can't believe I forgot the name to this one. I loved the slow build-up and Buffy not being the bad guy of the piece (though I do enjoy that sometimes as well). Anyway thanks again.
18th-Jun-2011 12:34 am (UTC)
You're quite welcome. I get so excited when I can actually help someone with one of these requests, but I rarely know them unless it's one of mine. :) (I totally suck at remembering titles and authors - usually the best I can do is jump up and down and say "Oh, I read that! I remember it! Gah!")
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