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Ghost in the Machine # 31

Title: Ghost in the Machine

Author: josie_h

Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes later on - ie M/M
Summary: Post Black Thorn and final AtS - The PtBs screw with Spike yet again.
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Author’s Note: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators
Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.
Previous parts here

Part 31

The entry into the coven was low key. The extended taxi merely pulling up to Xander’s small abode just after midday and the luggage (including the ‘box’) being hauled from the vehicle and deposited in the now very cold cottage.

Spike swiftly removed the green contact lenses and his eyes were back to the azure blue Xander had come to love so dearly. “Hair might have to stay this color for a while pet, hope you don’t mind.”

Xander made a point of nodding and smiling back then immediately busied himself building a fire, and for temporary heat, plugged in a tiny space heater for instant relief, and wandered to the bedroom to turn on the electric blanket that was a permanent fixture.

Spike, meanwhile fussed around the kitchen making tea, and checking the fridge for the blood he knew he had requested of the Mistress, warning that without it Drusilla would likely wake on sunset and prove a ‘bit of a challenge’. Fed well she would be far more in control. The Mistress had not disappointed.

Spike and Xander enjoyed their tea (Spike more so than his partner) then took the time to kiss Xander soundly, unpack their bags, before wandering up to the coven to announce their return and thank the Mistress for all the coven’s assistance. He returned to find Xander standing in the middle of their bedroom with a rather blank, ‘I’m too tired to think’ look on his face, so stripped him and led him to their now warmed bed. It was a relief to be home… but they had a vampire currently sleeping in a box to deal with as soon as darkness ensued.

Right on schedule, ten minutes after sunset, Drusilla’s travel box flung open and a vampire in full game face emerged. Spike was awake and up in seconds at the sound of the lid crashing against the wall and swiftly made his way past a growling Drusilla, grabbed a bag of blood from the fridge tipped it into a large soup mug and pushed it into the microwave.

Drusilla was prowling behind him agitated. She sniffed his neck and hissed through her teeth, “Just a little taste of my Spikey, all warm and ready for me, all warm and full for mummy.”

Spike held very still and seconds seemed like hours as he waited for the familiar ping indicating the blood was heated. He finally dragged the mug from the microwave and waved it under Drusilla’s nose before pushing it into her hands with a rather stifled, “This is for you my sweet.”

Drusilla curled up her lip in an aggressive expression then to Spike’s great relief brought the mug to her mouth and growled once more before downing the entire contents in one desperate act.

Spike knew it would not be enough to satisfy her and used the time to fill another larger container with two bags this time, and set it to heat as quickly as he was able. Dru was more settled after the first drink but seemed a little confused by the smell of the blood.

“My Spike?” Dru stood in the small central room in her human face, swaying a little.

“It’s alright pet, here have some more.” At which point Spike pushed the large container of what he knew was almost body temperature human blood into her hands for the second time. Drusilla fell into game face again and consumed it with just as much gusto as the first, then at last remained still, looking quizzically at Spike.

“Are we home now? Is Daddy here? You said we’d be going… ”

Spike held back his own emotions as he quietly approached her, took her hand and guided her to sitting on the small settee. “Daddy’s gone luv. You remember? It’s only us now and me not even… Dru are you OK to meet the coven members? They just want to help, then you can go back to Neschan, safe from the bloody awful W&H. We all want to keep you safe, pet.”

Spike held back the knowledge and suspicions of just what Wolfram and Hart wanted of her, but it seemed from her ranting in Paris that she probably already knew. Spike was the last to think she was too ‘dotty’ to know or plot, since time after time ‘her stars’ had kept them from harm (and in some cases led them to wild times of carnage and fun) for a hundred years before Sunnydale. And fine he did have to interpret and act, but that was no different from now. And now it was a matter of helping his former lover to stay out of the grips of an evil organization that only wished her harm.

Drusilla pouted for a moment, then seemed to change gears again and started to sway. Spike knew the signs. A hundred years of caring for the vampire had left him with a long legacy of understanding, so waited patiently for her to speak.

She began in a sing song voice. ”They wanted mummy and then when she… and daddy too but he’s gone… he’s with the angels” She stopped for a moment and spat on the floor with disgust.” Where are the stars my Spike, Miss Edith told me to come to you and now they are fading.”

“Not fading Pet, just dimmed a little. Wards around, so just dimmed.”

“Miss Edith is calling. She misses me, my Spike. Nasty, nasty… we killed them all, Mummy and me but still they come.”

“I know Pet, I know. And after tonight you can go back and tell her yourself that you’re safe.”

Drusilla spun on the spot and stared intently at some point behind Spike. “Will you tie me up and hold me under the water?”

“Not tonight Luv... We have other things to do.”

She pouted, fingered the empty blood container she still held and gave a rather disgusted “Hmm”, then smiled, “We will have crumpets and tea after?”

“Definitely Pet. After we fix this… Crumpets and tea.”

And just as Spike was running out of ideas, Xander was up and in the room, scratching his bare belly absently and yawning, “Is it time?”

“No time like the present. Wanna give the Mistress a call? We need to do this and fast.”

Xander moved to the right of the room and grabbed the phone, fast dialed the Mistress and within what only seemed like moments, the coven’s strongest witches were at the door.

Spike distracted Drusilla away from the door by offering her more blood while a pentagram of colored salt was swiftly constructed on the floor of Xander’s small living room.

Spike led Dru to the middle of the salt pentagram and coaxed her to kneel. She gave a slight giggle as she lowered then locked eyes with Spike in an eerie moment of lucidity.

“This is to be my salvation from the nastiest plot, and you are the Knight. I thank you my Spike. Your wounded soldier is yours and he did the same for you.”

“That he did Pet… that he did.”

“Can you hold my hand?”

Spike moved forward and kissed her on both cheeks. “Not right now Luv. Let’s just get this done and you back to your place in the dark. I’ll be here. OK?”

Drusilla pouted for a moment then looked directly at the wiccans. In game face and a low, demanding tone she simply said, “Let it be done.”

Chanting started immediately, Drusilla swayed a little but did not move her position, the the magic around the vampiress rose and so did she, head thrown back and arms skyward. A red glow surrounded her for a moment then appeared to diffuse into her. She whimpered a little as it did then stood stock still as the magic found its place.

Post spell was rather an anticlimax. A simple “It is done” from Mistress Rhiannon marked the wiccans’ swift exit and Spike offered his hand as Drusilla made to step out of the salt symbol.

Apparently once again lucid, Drusilla spun on her heel once then placed a kiss on Spike’s cheek. “Mummy is pleased and now it’s time for your reward my Spike.” At which point she drew a sharp nail across her neck.

Xander was horrified and fascinated (and just a little jealous) as Spike’s demon decided to exert its influence, causing Spike to lunge forward and with slightly elongated incisors, latched on and sucked the rich blood of family with gusto. Drusilla hummed and smiled with unfocussed eyes for all but a minute before pushing him away.

“My Neschan and Miss Edith are waiting, my Spike.”

Spike simply nodded, Xander not failing to notice the rather glazed look, the slightly longer teeth and the blood around Spike’s lips. He could not help but wonder if blood drawn from him would cause the same look of awe. A question, or action, for another day.

Spike turned to his lover, refocused and gave a sublime smile in Xander’s direction, whispering to him “’S family Pet, and … just… demon needed this. ‘S family.”

Xander nodded and smiled rather wanly back, wondering what exactly that meant as far as he and Spike’s future meant. But he had little opportunity to muse further realizing suddenly, to finish this, they had a vampire to ‘re-box’ and trip to Heathrow to make as soon as possible.

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