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Help with 2 Spander titles?

I've been trying to remember the titles of two Spanders that I want to re-read.

The first one is a Spander plus Angel - and I might be mixing multiples up... Xander is Spike's consort or a freshly turned vamp (I know, so many are...) and is taken to Angel for approval/welcome to the family.  They all end up together.  In he end an art student is doing their portrait.  I remember a manip on the site or the three of them on pillows?  Also Buffy & Co come to LA and Buffy fawns over Angel...
In the other one, Xander de-chips Spike, then drops him off at his parents' house to test out his newly de-chipped state

Can anyone help?  I've been searching through fics and just can't seem to find the right ones...
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