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YAFS - Willow strikes again

Listsib is looking for a story - sounds like a good read to me too....

"It is an old BtVS story. Xander was best friends with two other people as well as friends with Willow and Jesse. They moved away but before they left, the girl put powerful protections on Xander's house so he would be safe, even from his father.

A jealous Willow later took them down claiming she didn't know who put them up or what they are for. Xander gets the crap beaten out of him and it alerts the woman. She and her husband come back to Sunnyhell. She is very powerful, much more so than Willow.

Xander decides he wants to be called Alex again like when they were younger. He and Spike move in with the couple. It is a permanent WIP. "

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


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