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Spander fic search - please help


I have been trying to find a older spander fanfiction that i loved, but cant seem to get anything. 

I do not remember if it was lj or on a authors website, but hope someone here can help.

It was a long multi chaptered fix, i remember the spike finds xander walking through a cemetary injured and takes him back to 'angels' crypt.  it was xanders father that hurt him etc.  Xander stays with spike and things develope etc.
Main points was that xander deactivated spikes chip using a big magnet at his worksite.
Spike POV.
Spike thinks Xander has a skill like a push of luck or something where he gives those he cares about luck by taking their bad luck on himself etc. 
Spike gives xander some of his blood to help him heal via his v drink (originally without xander knowing) etc
There was a risa? demon that cooked them food a few times and was mentioned to be very ancient and gave Spike some prophetic advice.
the badguy was using this risa demon as a 'power source' and they had to go underground with the angel crew to stop it.

can anyone help please?

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