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Apocalypse of Pastry Proportions, pt. 4

Title: Apocalypse of Pastry Proportions
Author: jujukittychick
Paring: Spander
Rating: PG (currently, this *will* change)
Warning: sickness, mild angsting, m/m sexual relationship (eventually)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the computer I'm typing this on and am making no money. The world and characters all belong to their respective creators and owners who *are* making money off them. I'm just doing this for my own fun and entertainment; in general, if you recognize something, I don't own it.
Beta: NONE! Any mistakes are mine, sorry

Summary: Based on a bunny from skuzzbopper: Xander's latest job is at a bakery. Spike loves pastry.

A/N: Sorry, this is a short chapter, my muse kinda skipped out on me in the middle of things this past week or so. I’m hoping that by throwing this out there I’ll get motivated to work on more stuff. Hope you enjoy.

Spike was roused from his nap by Xander’s restless tossing and turning. Looking at him, he saw his skin was flushed and he’d started sweating again. Thanking the gods that vampires couldn’t catch pesky human viruses, he set about waking his boy, getting a mumbled “g’way” for his effort. Smiling indulgently, he shook the boy gently. “Come on, pet, wake up for me. Think we need to get some medicine into ya and I promised your boss you’d call her.”

“Spike? I don’t feel so good…”

Spike saw the way Xander started holding his stomach again and quickly moved from the bed before scooping him up and carrying him to the bathroom, setting him on his feet just in time for him to drop to his knees in front of the toilet and lose the cup of tea he had drank earlier. “Ah, Xan-pet, you’re a sorry sight, luv.”

Wetting a rag, Spike helped Xander get cleaned back up and helped steady him as he walked slowly back to the couch, misery radiating from him. Making sure his boy was as comfortable as possible, he grabbed the cordless phone, remembering the promise he’d made to Anna. “Here now, luv, promised your boss lady I’d have you call ‘er, but that was before our li’l nap. You ‘ave ‘er private number?”

Running his fingers through Xander’s hair soothingly, he dialed the number as his boy spoke, each word sounding like it took the greatest effort to utter. “’Ello, mum? Spike here. Found Xander and he’s…well, he’s not well, but don’ think it’s anything more serious than a virus. Yes, mum, hold on, I’ll check.”

Tucking the phone against his chest, he leaned over so he was in Xander’s line of sight. “Xan-pet, you feel up to talking to Anna?”


Xander thought for a moment before nodding and taking the phone from Spike, his words coming slowly as he fought against a sore throat and the urge to hurl once more. “Anna? Yeah, I’m okay.”

He heard Spike snort and looked over the back of the couch to where the blonde had wandered off, he assumed to give him a semblance of privacy. Rolling his eyes, he revised what he said. “Okay, I’m sick. Yeah, some stomach thing…I think. No, ma’am, but Spike’s here now.” Xander winced as the soft spoken woman said his name with such a wealth of disappointment. To be fair, he had called Willow…he just knew she wouldn’t really be paying attention when he did. It didn’t seem that bad then. “I’m sorry, Anna…I won’t do it again.”

He looked up as his unlikely caretaker settled on the arm of the couch, leaned into the cool touch as slender fingers started playing through his hair again. Unaware of how his features had softened, he smiled up at Spike. “Yeah, he’s taking real good care of me. Our conversations? Oh…Oh!”

Xander felt himself blush and was unable to meet Spike’s gaze. “We, uh…we talked a little bit about it earlier.” He felt the fingers in his hair still, pull away and reached up quickly to grab his hand, trying to reassure the other man. “Yeah, we’ll talk more when I’m better, promise. Thank you, Anna. Good night.”

Looking at a stray string coming from the button on his pj top, he pulled gently on it, watching as it slowly pulled free of the fabric. “She said she told you about some stuff I had talked to her about.”

“Ah. She didn’ say a lot, actually told me to ask you about it. Jus’ said you thought I was the only one seein’ you recently. Which, I can’t really argue against. I know they’re your friends, pet, but they’ve been a might self-absorbed this year.”

Xander focused on the feeling of Spike’s hand in his - long, slender fingers, almost delicate looking, much like the rest of the man, but hiding so much strength. Spike could easily kill Xander, break him, and instead bestowed gentle touches that soothed his sick body. Why? He’d asked before but the answer, “he cared,” just didn’t make sense. “Why?’

“Why what, pet?”

“Why do you care about me of all people?”

“Why is it so hard t’ believe?”

Because I’m just me, nothing special. The others… they all grew up, well Buffy’s still the Slayer, but then Willow’s got all the witchy stuff with Tara to back her up, and I’m still just me… normal as always. The only thing I’m good for is comic relief. So, yeah, why me?”

Spike growled softly. “Thought we’d already had this talk. That is not all you’re good for. You’re loyal and brave; you have good ideas most of the time when you actually bother sharing them with the rest of us. You bake some of the best nibbles I’ve ever had and on top of that, you’ve gotten t’ be a right treat to look at… well when you’re not all pukey feelin’, at least.”

Xander thought about that; he didn't doubt the other man’s sincerity, his reactions were too emotional for Spike to just be playing with him. What really made him have to stop and think was that it was Spike, and not because of the whole demon thing, he’d been dating a former vengeance demon after all, but because Spike was a guy, very noticeably and unapologetically a guy, and Xander had never even considered having a relationship with a guy. Oh he could admit that Spike was good looking, he hadn’t lied when he told Buffy he could see the attraction, but it was still a big leap from thinking a guy was hot to actually having a relationship with one… to having sex with one. And he was way too sick to be entertaining the kind of thoughts that led to.

Xander looked up as he felt Spike gently squeeze his hand before pulling away and standing up and wondered how long he’d been lost in thought.

“You feel up to some tea and toast? Need somethin' in your stomach ‘fore you try to take any medicine.”

When the very idea of food didn’t make him lunge for the trash can, he nodded. “Yeah, I think I could try it. And, um, Spike? What medicine?”


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