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Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Challenge

Halloween is the best time of year for reading stories that offer pulse pounding thrills, blood curdling dread and hair-raising horror.  If you've ever wanted to write a story that can chill someone to their toes, come join us at [info]spook_me, for the thrill of a lifetime!  Could there possibly be a fandom better suited for spooky stories than Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  We don't think so, but it's up to you to prove us right.  Sign up today!

All fandoms are welcome. Stories can be Gen, Het or Slash. All ratings are accepted.   Sign-ups close on Sept. 15th, so you've only got a week left.  Don't put it off, or you'll be too late!

Help yourself to the banner, and feel free to pimp [info]spook_me as many places as you can think of!  *g*

My thanks to darkhavens for generously letting me pimp our challenge here.

See you there!

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