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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Four Under a Blood Red Moon - Master!post 
13th-Oct-2011 08:29 pm
Title: Four Under a Blood Red Moon
Author: wrtr_aka_wmgrg & skargasm
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander & Angel/Oz
Genre: AU
Beta(s): With heartfelt thanks to theladymerlin - any mistakes are ours caused by last minute tweaking!
Disclaimer: Joss owns 'em, we borrowed 'em
Summary: A werewolf/hyena hybrid, a vamp with a chip, a vamp with a soul and a werewolf come together as pack....
Graphic(s): Created by skargasm

This is the first collaboration between wrtr_aka_wmgrg & skargasm.

Xander is attacked and bitten by a werewolf but doesn't change in the same way Oz did – indeed, the hyena never quite left and changes the boy into something other. Xander is aided in adjusting by Oz who is mated to Angel, and a fledging relationship with Spike that neither ever expected.

Enjoy!! Comments make Una and Lola smile and treat us nicer, and might just encourage us to do this again! This story is our contribution to season 8 of fall_for_sx - links to all chapters available below or in memories. * g *

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 /
Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 /
Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 / Chapter 19 / Epilogue

14th-Oct-2011 07:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you both for a gripping good read. Enjoyed seeing a Xander that showed growth and maturity. Pleased that Buffy and Willow have a talking to ahead of them. Good on Giles!
15th-Oct-2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it - we had a lot of fun writing it!
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