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Never time enough # 20

Sorry for the delay RL is annus horribilus for our little family, full time work having to fit in with hospital visits to both partner (long term illness) and son who has recently smashed his leg and ankle in an horrendous accident - we count our blessings it was not back or head injuries.

Title: Never Time Enough

Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations

Summary: Xander comes back from the past witvh a secret.

Note From 50ftqueenie: This can stand on its own as a ficlet, but honestly I know there's more to this story. Eventually I might revisit and do my own version

Previous parts: Archived at:

Part 20

The three Aurelians were still a little buzzed by the previous evening’s function as they woke mid afternoon to a bedroom floor that attested a good time had by all. It was littered with their attire that was duly collected and placed in a ‘to be laundered’ pile after a single then dual then triple shower was taken. Still smiling Angel, Spike and Xander took a leisurely ‘breakfast’ then determined to address real life again.

There were tasks for each to do and Adrian’s PA lived up to her reputation for organization as she swiftly produced the phone messages and suggested the study for their use.

Angel was the first to make his call, while Spike went online to ascertain what all the fuss might be about regards investments and Xander tried to work out the best dates for a visit prior to booking tickets online for his parents.

The news from Angel Investigations was not as dire as the Grandsire suspected it might be. Just a few ‘tricky’ cases; a vision from Cordelia that included a vague image of a new Master vampire setting up a lair LA; then an expression of real concern (and some condemnation) that he might ‘be Angelus’ again given his rather uncharacteristically happy tone as he brushed off the requirement to return immediately and described the previous evening to the seer. In the end he reassured Cordelia that all was well and had Xander then Spike both reassuring her personally of his none Angelus status (the latter implying that there may have been shagging but all in good fun, for which he got a growl from Angel and light slap on the backside from Xander).

In the end it was settled. Angel would return to LA within the next few days, on the proviso that he was to keep safe and return to the familial home in England at least four times a year. Adrian’s PA committed to providing dates of significant social events and organize any other itinerary items deemed appropriate for the Grandsire to justify his future visits.

Satisfied that his Grandsire would return frequently, Spike made the calls to his investment banks and various business advisors. Angel was not so much amazed by the process as the astute and competent way Spike dealt with the modern investment system. Twice during his time on the phone Spike had looked up to see his Grandsire smiling with pride in his direction.

After the third ‘look’ he finished the conversation (in fluent French) hung up and spun his office chair to face the other vampire, “What?”

“Just impressed William. I always thought I was OK with money, but that was something else. Just glad I gave you the ‘keys to the castle’ I guess.”

Spike looked taken aback. “Well ’s your money too technically. Maybe you’d like an update occasionally since you’re all corporate ‘n ‘over the drink’. You can do it online you know – so long as you remember the bloody long password number for that Swiss mob – banker wankers! We should take a trip to Zurich next time you’re here and we can check out that safe deposit vault too – reckon there might be a few bits and pieces worth somethin’ from back in the day.”

Spike winked at Angel – the older vampire trying to remember just how much might be there and winced as he remembered just *how* they had come by the various items. Selling some items via Sotheby’s as suggested by Spike seemed an option Angel was willing to entrust to his Childe *after* their visit to the bank vault in Switzerland in a month’s time

Spike saw the signs of a good ‘brood’ coming on, “C’mon ya ol’ wanker. Stuff’s that old no one remembers where it came from – and I reckon that applies to you too. But next time you’re here, let’s just do it for old time’s sake yeah? But in the mean time, I’ve sent Angel Investigations a bit of a shot in the arm ‘for services rendered’.”

“What do you...? How?”

“You really are behind the times aren’t you! Cordelia said business has suffered as you are not there, got your account number and just pushed through an extra Euro or two from the Aurelian profits to make sure ‘all’s well at mill’. Can’t have you or your pets on the streets can we? And according to that girl Friday o’ yours, she’s due a bonus, figured a bit of a fiscal boost might help with that.”


“Means *financial*… money? How *do* you run a business is beyond me Sire!”

“I know what it means, just hadn’t heard you use that sort of language until now.”

“Well get used to it. And if you want some help with your books, I’m reasonable in that department these days – and if not me then Adrian.”

Spike was graced with a blinding smile that reflected pride and a little sadness from Angel, “Now what’s got yer knickers in a twist Sire?” It was enough and he was pulled into a full hug and kissed on the neck, over his claiming mark no end. It almost undid him, and the next words did it. His demon to the fore he shed three blood red tears following the, “I do love you William, always did, always will.”

Xander entered the room just as the two pulled apart, but sensing the nature of the distress withdrew and gave them their time together. He would speak to Spike later and they would discuss a possible trip to LA sometime in the future after Angel’s return and a visit to Switzerland to assess the ‘sale of some of the loot’. The reciprocal visit would be a gift of sorts, for Angel’s peace of mind that the deal went both ways re family.

The discussion prior to Angel’s departure two days later included the impending visit of Xander’s parents, booked on a flight to England three months hence, so the timing for a return visit from Angel (all being well in LA) was set for six weeks away, and consequently a tentative date was also set for their venture to the continent.

Adrian, never one to be left out of the loop, was both enthusiastic and his apparently tireless PA (who had been given a week’s leave with pay following the triumph of the ‘welcome home party’) was more than able to make all the arrangements.

The parting of Xander and particularly Spike and Angel at Heathrow was as heart wrenching as it was reassuring.

“So we’ll see you on the 25th next month and head out with me Consort on the 27th to the ‘neutral state’ yeah? Don’t want to sell off anything you want to keep” Spike tried to smile but ended up bearing his neck in a private ‘amenities’ booth.

Angel took the gift gently but drank three full drafts, causing Spike to pale a little more before Xander stepped up also exposing his neck (on the other side of his claiming). Angel took two small sips of Xander’s familial blood before rather tearfully saying “Thank you… Thank you both. I will see you soon William, you know I will.”

“Bloody well better ya ol’ ponce! Several ladies expectin’ another round on the dance floor from ‘your highness’ at the next ball, and I don’t fancy Adrian’s ire if he’s sorted your room an’ you don’t front!”

Xander stifled a grin. It was perfect Spike, abrasive when at his most vulnerable, and to farewell his Grandsire now was painful, he let his own tiny fangs drop, opened his wrist and momentarily let Spike take a draft.

The three left the amenities as though nothing had transpired, but everything had changed. As they approached the entrance to the ‘passengers only’ door, Angel turned for a moment.

Only vampire hearing could have picked up what was whispered, “You have made me so happy Will. I trust you with the Aurelian accounts, I canna make head nor tail of this new banking system as ye well know. But I will be back and we *will* together, with your Consort, rid ourselves of the spoils of evil. See you soon… And Will? I do so still love you… Family… You’ve gifted me with that again.”

And with that he walked through the door, leaving Xander to hug Spike chest to strong chest for a minute or two before they made their way to their awaiting limousine.


Spike had no desire to establish himself as High Master of the region of Southern England, however during the ensuing weeks was inundated with personal appeals from the Master of London, and Masters from the surrounding areas that he might take on that moniker and task.

His priority was to ‘settle’ and pleasure his Consort in all ways possible. The other Masters, and Adrian however, were persistent. The current ‘High Master’ was failing in his duties and there needed to be a ‘changing of the guard’.

Having a court meant turning more to his peaceful intent. Xander proved his strength as Consort and took many of the calls with a diplomacy that belied his rather ‘average’ Sunnydale education, rather his knowledge of the true Aurelian agenda.

After the thirtieth email, countless phone calls and appeals, Spike agreed to a meeting with all the Masters, including the rather young ‘High Master’ of the region who had learned of ‘William the Bloody’s return.

There had to be a meeting and it was not going to be an easy one.

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