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Skuzzy's Spander Pick-Me-Up! Drabble Fest

I asked a couple people if I'm allowed to post this here, and got no replies. So, here goes nothing:

I was chatting with dragonyphoenix about how we're both feeling rather morose lately. And we both kind of sighed at our lack of ability to write when dealing with a nasty bout of the blues. But-- I came up with an idea to help:

Introducing Skuzzy's Spander Pick-Me-Up Drabble Fest!

Open To All Spander and Spander+ Pairings, this drabble/prompt post is meant to be a generator for sunny, fluffy, cavity-inducing Spandery goodness. After all, what's a better blues-obliterator than Spander fluff? Nothing, I say. Nothing. 


1) Participants may come in at any time, and post their drabble for any prompt. Once their drabble is posted, they may post another prompt, which other participants may respond to. Participants may post as many prompts and drabbles as they like. I will attempt to keep a master-list of prompts in an LJ cut in this post.

2) All prompts are Things That Make You Happy. Anything. Chocolate. Kittens. Your favorite stuffed teddy that you've had since you were five. Anything that can pick you up from a bad mood, or at least help you cope. Words, pictures, quotes, etc. All of it is accepted. 

3) NO UNHAPPY ENDINGS! All drabbles must end on a positive note. This post is meant to cheer people up!

4) All Posts Are Drabbles. What is a drabble?

Wanna participate? Get Happy. Click Here.
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