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My Offering to Skuzzy's Pick-Me-Up! Drabble Fest

Title: Surviving the Fire Swamp
My happy making thing: The Princess Bride
Rating: Pg 13
Written for: Skuzzy's Spander Pick-Me-Up! Drabble Fest

At 146 words I've pushed beyond the boundaries of Drabbles and into Ficlets. I beg forgiveness of the Almighty Gods of Spander! 

They had watched the movie, together, surrounded by potentials just two nights before.

That first night in the hospital, Xander had quietly told him to leave.

“As you wish,” Spike’s only response.

His first night back with the girls, he wanted nothing more than to be away from them. Xander asked Spike to drive him home, since he couldn’t yet drive himself.

“As you wish,” Spike’s simple reply.

It took until the night before the final battle, for him to understand what was really being said.

“Will you stay with me tonight, Spike?” Xander asked.

“As you wish,” Spike answered with a shy smile.

Six months later found Xander pushing through the doors of the WRH building.

When Xander interrupted Spike and Angel’s arguing, Spike looked at him and simply asked. “Get me outta here?”

“As you wish,” Xander answered with a smile and a kiss.


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