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Title: Tequila!
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature, for Drinking and Adult content
Feedback: Yes, Please!
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the smut. None of the characters used herein belong to me. But I wish they did!

Beta'd by the wonderful, Spike_1790

Summery: After Xander's recent breakup with Anya, the girls think he needs a night let loose. Bring on the Booze! and Spike!


“Buffy, are you sure we should do this?” Willow asked with a worried look, trying not to drop the limes and salt she’d been carrying.

“Of course we should! C’mon Will, Xander needs us right now, even if he’s unwilling to admit it. Anya just dumped him for that ‘Pixy’ guy, a month before they were going to get married! He’s heartbroken and trying to hide it behind jokes and his goofy ‘Xan-man’ act.

It is our duty as his best friends to cheer him up, hence the tequila. A few drinks and he’ll be all, ‘Anya Who’?” Buffy said cheerfully as they walked up the stairs to Xander’s apartment.

“It was a Pixx-e’alid demon, not a pixy, Buffy. And, hey I’m all about the cheering up! I’m cheering girl here. But do you really think we should have brought this much liquor?” she asked, looking at the two bags Buffy was carrying.

“What? Wills, it’s not that much. I’ve only got the bare necessities here, promise,” Buffy, stopped half way down the hall to Xander’s apartment to go over her inventory.

“Two bottles of 1800, to share. One bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold, for margaritas. JD for if he’s really down. A bottle of strawberry daiquiri for you, ‘cause you’re not to good with the hard stuff. And a six pack of good old fashioned beer, to get the night started. Besides, shots are like chocolates…..you can’t have just one,” Buffy concluded.

“And just where did you learn that?” Willow asked with a disapproving glare in Buffy’s direction.

“Spike. Took me drinking and to watch him play kitten poker, when we were looking for Warren and the nerd herd a while back. He got soooo wasted, I totally had to cut him off,” she said, haughtily.

“And don’t ask me, ‘why kittens’? It’s a stupid currency……” she concluded, as they reached Xander’s door. “Ready Wills?”

“Yep! Lets do this,” Willow said, with resolve face firmly in place. “Operation, ‘No More Sad Puppy Eyes’, is a go! I’m all set for the grown up drinking and the cheering up of our Xander-shaped-friend, and I can so handle the hard stuff!” she said as Buffy started knocking.

When they didn’t get an immediate response, Buffy started pounding on the door. “C’mon Xan, we know you’re in there! Open up!”

They could hear a disgruntled muttering on the other side of the door and Xander’s muffled voice calling out, “Yeah, I’m coming, hold on,” a distracted bare-chested, Xander, flung open the door, pulling money out of his wallet.

When he finally looked up at the girls in confusion all he could say was, “Hey, you’re not pizza.”

“No, but we do come bearing other types of manly sustenance,” Buffy chirped, with a sly smile, while Willow waved at him with a large salt shaker, from behind her.

“Manly sustenance, huh? Guess that means I don’t have to share whatever it is with you fems,” he joked, with a smile and wiggling eyebrows.

“What’s in the bag, Buff? Cause I already ordered hot wings,” Xander said as he stepped back to let them in, still surprised by their unannounced visit.

“Booze,” Willow answered for her, as Buffy walked into the kitchen to set every thing down and retrieve shot glasses.

As Buffy handed Xander a beer, and then set up the first round of shots, Willow quickly sliced a lime into wedges and passed them out.

“Ok, and not that I’m not happy to see you guys, but what’s the what? Is everything ok?” Xander asked, with a little worry at his friend’s strange behavior.

“The What, is that we are three, young, single people spending a Friday night together. With drinks, and ooh truth or dare games! C’mon Xan, it’ll be fun, promise. Besides with the way Willow and Tara were making moon eyes at each other during the last research meeting, we might not all be single for long. So let’s have a little fun for once!” Buffy said, as she took his beer back and passed him a shot and the salt. She and Willow had already decided it would be better to call it a ‘fun friend’s night’ rather than a cheering up party.

“Yea, Xander, it’ll be fun. And I was so not making moon eyes at Tara! But, um….was she maybe making moon eyes at me? Cause you know, we’ve had coffee together….but not coffee and kisses…which is too bad, because Tara always gets extra caramel on hers and then when we kiss it’s all sweet and caramelly…..and we have had the friendly going out as friends dates. But you know, not really, ‘date’ dates…..So, umm….yeah! We’re here for the big grown up drinking, hanging with friend’s night, mister….” Willow trailed off after her she realized she was babbling. Again.

Xander smiled at his girls. He knew what they were up to, and really he could sulk alone anytime. ‘Might be fun to get my mind off Anya and…..other things,’ he thought to himself.

“Ah, what the hell. You had me at Booze!” Xander said, acting as if he here was wiping away a tear. “Let the drinking begin!” he said, as he salted his wrist and downed his first shot of tequila, swiftly followed by the lime wedge.

Buffy went to the stereo turned it on low for background noise, as Willow moved the alcohol and supplies to the coffee table in front of the couch.

Another knock on the door, once again had Xander pulling money from his wallet as he went to retrieve his pizza. Looking up in surprise yet again, Xander’s only response was the obvious, “Hey, you’re not pizza.”

Spike took a moment to stare appreciatively at Xander’s still uncovered chest, and low slung grey sweat pants before answering. “No, ran into the Bit, with Tara earlier. Said everyone was over here for you’re pity party. Needed to hit up the Slayer for some dosh, n’ thought I’d stop by,” Spike said reasonably. “Gonna invite a bloke in? Not polite to leave a guest on the doorstep, mate.”

Flustered, Xander took a few deep breaths before answering. “You’re not a guest, Spike,” he said, calmly, as he stepped out and pushed Spike to the side to greet his long-denied pizza, as the delivery guy finally showed up.

Spike neatly stepped in front him at the last second and relieved the delivery guy of his burden. Moving back to the open door he called over his shoulder to a stunned Xander, “Don’t forget the tip, pet,” with a smug look on his face.

Xander groaned and paid for the food…with tip, wishing that he wasn’t fighting the insane urge to smile at Spike’s childish antics. Knowing that he had to invite the blonde menace in now, or he’d never see his pizza and wings again.

“Fine Spike, You’re invited. Happy now? But you’re not staying!” he yelled into the apartment, where Spike had already disappeared.

Once inside he could see that Spike was already making himself at home with a beer and a slice of pizza, sprawled over Xander’s favorite spot on the couch. Dropping his head in defeat, Xander went to reclaim his beer from the kitchen table.

Buffy and Willow had already settled themselves on the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table, facing the couch, leaving Xander to sit next to Spike.

Suddenly uncomfortable being topless around Spike and the girls, Xander went quickly into his room and pulled on the first t-shirt he came across. Which just happened to be an older one that fit more snugly in the chest and shoulders than he normally wore. ‘Whatever at least I’m covered,’ he thought as he moved back into the living room, hoping his friends has saved him some food.

“Hey, Xan, can you get Spike a shot glass?” Buffy asked with a wry smile. “I told him he couldn’t stay unless he played truth or dare with us…..”

“Yeah, fine….but there better be some pizza left when I get over there,” he grumbled, not noticing the appreciative look Spike was giving his tight shirt. Once he’d come back with a glass for Spike, and napkins for the food, Xander sat contentedly with his wings and a slice of meat lovers.

Listening to Buffy go over the rules of ‘Drunk truth or Dare’, he missed when Spike started stealing his wings, but slapped his hand away when he finally caught him at it.

Spike shot him a glare complete with raised eyebrow, before finally turning the ‘Pout’ on him. ‘And yes, ladies and gentlemen the ‘Pout’ is capitalized, and trademarked,’ he thought to himself as he relented and let Spike steal another wing.

“C’mon guys! Focus already, will you?” Buffy said with a huff. “Ok the rules; All truths had better be “truthful,” she said with a pointed look at Spike, his indignant, “Oi”, barely registering with her. “All dares have to be done within this apartment, or at the most, somewhere on this property.

The person doing the truth or dare has to take a mandatory double shot, but otherwise you can drink anytime. If you choose not do a truth or dare, the forfeit will be……chosen at random from this!” She said excitedly, holding a small pouch with a half dozen or so folded ‘forfeit’ cards inside.

“Uhh Buff, don’t you have to tell us the forfeit before we play? Not that I’m complaining or anything, but when you start getting tricky, I start getting worried.” Xander said.

“Oh, not to worry Xan, I let Willow chose the forfeits, so I’m sure you’re perfectly safe. Right, Wills?” Buffy asked her.

Willow took a slug of her second shot before answering. “Uhm, well you did say they had to be kind of hard or whatever,” she said as she ducked her head to hide her blush.

Buffy patted her leg reassuringly. “It’s ok Wills, I don’t think you’d make us do anything to horrible. It’s fine, right guys?” she asked with a light glare.

Spike just gave a one shoulder shrug, with his usual indifference to all things Scooby. Xander still looked a little concerned, but then figured, “Hey, it’s Willow, what’s she gonna make us do? Alphabetize my movie collection? We‘re good,” he said as he finished off his beer.

“Great!” Buffy said as she set up another round of shots. “Ok, I’ll start! Spike, truth or dare?”

“Oh, bloody hell Slayer, least let a bloke get a buzz on first, why don’t you. Fine! Truth,” Spike said as he slammed back a double shot f JD.

“Hmmm, Truth, huh? Brave vamp you are,” Buffy said with a look of concentration on her face. “Ok got it! How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

“With a bird or a bloke?” he asked sarcastically. “Different kinds of virginity, luv.”

“Oh My God!” she squealed. “Umm either….no, both!” Buffy decided firmly.

“Let’s see then, was turned first, so I’d of been 29 if I were human. But as a vamp I was only bout 3 days old when I first shagged Dru, then bout a month old when Angelus finally put it to me,” Spike answered with a fond smile.

“29!” Willow, gasped.
“Angel!” Buffy, shrieked.
“Pfftttt,” from Xander, as he sprayed his mouthful of tequila over the floor.

“My turn then?” Spike asked casually.

“BAD! Bad, bad thoughts!” Buffy mumbled into the hands covering her bright red face.

“Whoa, there mister! 29? Really? But, but…..you’re all…..like, like….Walking Sex!” she said, as she waved her hand towards him, trying to make her point.

“Willow!” Buffy and Xander yelled in unison.

Spike smirked the smirk of the truly devious. “That right, pet? Though you we’re into the birds these days. But if you like what you see…..can’t really blame ya for it,” he said with a Cheshire grin, as he ran his hands over the sculpted muscles, well defined by his black t-shirt.

Willow just stared at with her mouth gaping, waiting for an answer.

“Oh, c’mon!” he finally said. “Was Victorian England, you gits! You’d court, you’d wed, then, if you we’re lucky, you’d shag!”

“My turn now,” Spike said again, as he looked from one to another, carefully picking his victim.

“Harris, Truth or Dare?” Spike asked a little too casually.

Xander groaned, and immediately responded, “Forfeit!”

“Xander! You at least have to find out what he wants you to do before you can forfeit.” Buffy said, now that she had buried the Bad! images of Spike and Angel together, in the no-no box in her brain. Big Fort Knox style locks and all.

“Fine,” Xander grumbled. “Truth.”

Spike smiled gleefully. “You ever kissed a bloke, Harris?” he asked.

Xander groaned again. Loudly. ‘Ok, there are three ways I can handle this,’ he thought to himself. ‘Lie, but Willow always knows when I’m lying. Answer the question and many more I’m not really ready for. Or take the forfeit and be out-ed by default. Fucking, Evil, Vampire!’ he thought as he glared murder at Spike.

“Forfeit,” he said, not looking at his friends suddenly wide eyes, as he threw back his double shot and reached into the ‘mystery bag’ the girls had brought.

Pulling out and opening the folded slip of paper, Xander transferred his death glare to Willow. Then reached to the side table and grabbed his wallet. Xander pulled out two tens and forcefully shoved them into Spike’s empty shot glass. Mumbling under his breath about ‘good friends and pick me up parties’ the whole time.

Spike looked at the money, then at Xander. “What in the bloody hell are you doin?” he asked in confusion.

Xander passed him the folded note and sat back to sulk, while Spike read it out loud.

“You’ve Forfeited! Give the person to your left twenty dollars. Maybe next time you’ll play smarter,” he read, loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Spike couldn’t hold in his laughter, and snorted at Willows’ idea of punishment. “Red, you cheeky bint! Knew I liked you for a reason,” he said as he pocketed his ill gotten gains, and refilled his shot glass.

“Fine! My turn!” Xander said still glaring at Willow who cringed under the pressure of his look. “Truth or Dare,” he asked in his best ‘I’m going to get you back’ voice.
‘Uh, truth?” she squeaked, then thought better of it, when she saw the corner of Xander’s lip curl up. “Oh, um no! I meant Dare! Yeah….definitely dare…..” she trailed off as Xander’s smirk got bigger.

“Ok. I DARE you, to tell Buffy…(pause for effect)...what you thought, when Dawn wore that little black belly top, last week,” Xander said, then leaned back into the couch cushions to watch the fun.

Willow turned a fiery red color, nearly a perfect match for her hair, then stuttered and squeaked through many syllable and vowel sounds while trying not to look at either Buffy (who looked shocked and incredulous) or Spike (who’s eyes were starting to flicker with gold, at the thought of anyone looking at his Nibblet that way).

Willow finally managed to choke back her double shot of tequila and reached for the forfeit bag. Then nearly wept, when she saw the punishment she had made….never having thought that she might have to forfeit at some point. She looked at Xander with pleading eyes…..but he just held out his hand for the little slip of paper with her punishment on it.

“Oh c’mon it can’t be that bad. Our sweet Willow, would never think up horrible things for us to do,” he said, sarcastically, paraphrasing his own earlier statement, then took the paper and read it out loud to the rest of the group.

“You’ve Forfeited! Take off your shirt and dance sexy, until you’re picked again. Don’t you wish you had played instead?” he read aloud.

“Willow!” Buffy screeched in shock.

Xander and Spike had completely lost it and we’re now leaning into each other, laughing and gasping for breath.

Willow slowly stood and pouted at everyone, before unbuttoning her shirt and tossing to the floor. She stood there with arms wrapped around herself, trying to cover her lacy pink bra and thinking up ways to get the attention turned onto someone else.

“Ok, um…but it’s still my turn! I’m not dancing till I ask my next truth or dare!” she said defiantly, watching Spike and Xander wipe tears from their eyes. “Um yeah, so uh….hmm, Buffy? Truth or Dare?”

“Oh dare. Definitely dare!” Buffy choked out watching Willow, start to sway to the music on the stereo. “Don’t forget. Gotta dance….Sexy!” she taunted.

“Oh, yeah? Well, fine! I dare you to…..to go straddle Spike’s lap and, and Kiss him! For 30 seconds!” Willow announced boldly.

It was now Spike’s turn to look shocked, and Buffy’s turn to be mortified. While for some unknown reason, Willow thought, Xander looked a little upset.

Buffy quickly agreed to the dare, once she had thought over the forfeit options lurking innocently in that little cloth pouch. Especially considering both of the previous forfeits were put back into the pot after each had been read.

She nimbly got to her feet from her seated position on the floor and stalked over to Spike. She carefully placed her right knee on the couch on the outside of Spike’s left thigh then gracefully swung her left leg over to the outside of his right thigh. She leaned into him and careful to keep their bodies from actually touching she started kissing him.

After the first 5 or 6 seconds she realized that Spike wasn’t kissing her back. Certain of her kissing prowess and figuring it be the shock of the situation, ‘Cause duh, Spike’s like totally in love with me,’ she thought, then put a little more effort into the kiss. ‘Not that I want to kiss the ‘Big wish I was Bad’!,’ she thought.

Halfway through the designated time she lowered her body onto Spike’s lap and noticed his serious lack of interest. ‘Wait, was that a growl? Umm, maybe not,’ she thought since she couldn’t feel the normal rumbling a growl would make, while she leaned into his chest.

Xander watched his best friend kissing Spike. He stared openly as she lowered herself onto his lap and then felt a sudden surge of jealousy, unconsciously reaching over to tear them away from each other, when suddenly Spike pulled back and called time. Xander then quickly dropped his hand as Buffy lifted herself of Spike.

Buffy shrugged at her lack of effect on her normally love-sick vampire stalker. Then retook her seat on the floor and tossed back her double shot.

Trying to get the back on track she carefully thought over who to ask next, automatically ruling out Willow since she wanted her to sweatt it out a little longer.

“Not really dancing sexy there, Wills. You better start shaking that ‘money maker’ if you want to get back into the game,” Buffy said, teasingly.

“Ok, who’s next!” Buffy said pouring herself another drink. “Xander, Truth or Dare?” she asked

Xander smiled goofily at her trying to cover his discomfort of the past few minutes. “Dare. No way am I dipping into Willow’s bag of badness again,” he said lightly.

“Ok, good. I dare you to……Mess up Spike’s hair. I have it on good authority, that he has massive curls under all that gel.”

This time she knew she heard a growl. Spike’s eyes had gone gold once more, and he glared, growling at her directly.

“Oh don’t be such a baby Spike. I bet you look soooo cute with little blond ringlets,” she teased.

No one had yet seemed to notice Xander rubbing his suddenly itching palms over his sweat pants. The mere thought of running his hands through Spike’s hair just short of leaving him breathless.

Spike looked at him for a moment and then shrugged as if were no big deal, and casually leaned into Xander with his head slightly lowered, to help him reach better.

Xander’s heart was racing as he lifted first one hand and then both to touch Spike’s head. ‘Not that head!’ he sternly told his rising erection. His first touch to the back of Spike’s neck nearly had him panting. ‘Control, we have lift off!’ he thought as his body reacted swiftly to the coolness of Spike’s skin. He then gently combed his fingers upwards through Spike’s thick hair. Noticing that even with the firm gel, the strands underneath we’re like silk to the touch.

Spike leaned into the hands now running through his hair, cautiously moving closer to Xander’s warm body. The closer he got the better Xander smelled. Spike inhaled deeply, suddenly noticing the smell of arousal come from the boy, and felt his own body swiftly answering.

Buffy and Willow silently watched the two men on the couch, each coming to a few conclusions over unasked questions.

Buffy saw the way Spike was moving closer to Xander, and could hear a faint rumbling sound, almost like purring, coming from him. Now well aware of why her kissing hadn’t produced the desired effect.

Willow watched as little Xander made it’s presence known by pushing out the fabric of Xander’s sweat pants. Suddenly understanding why he and Anya we’re still friends even though they had broken up just weeks before their wedding.

Xander and Spike slowly pulled away from each other. Spike’s hair now thoroughly mussed. They looked at each other for a few seconds before they announced simultaneously, “I need a drink!”

Xander quickly downed his forgotten double shot of tequila then reached for the JD, accidentally brushing his fingers against Spike’s as Spike put the bottle back down on the table. They looked at each other then looked at the girls, who we’re silently watching them.

‘Keep it together, berk!’ Spike berated himself as he downed his drink and tried to think of the next person he wanted to question. ‘Haven’t even kissed the boy and you’re acting like a bloody, ponce!’

Spike looked a Xander again, then at Willow still topless, swaying gently to the music as a wickedly wonderful idea sprang into his mind. “Oi, Red. Truth or Dare?” he asked wanting to move things along now that he had a plan.

“Um, Dare,” she said bravely. Spike smiled at her softly for a moment, quietly forgiving her for the ‘Buffy incident’ from before. “Right, get your kit on an’ come over here,” he said, standing up and moving across the room, far from Xander and Buffy.

Willow hurriedly put her blouse back on and made her way to stand nervously next to Spike, who grabbed her arm and pulled her into a two person huddle.

“Right then,” he practically whispered. “I dare you, to get the boy to kiss me,” he said looking her in the eye, trying to make sure that she understood what he wanted out of this.

Willow looked at him closely for a full minute before making up her mind. She gently touched his arm and gave him a warm smile as she nodded her understanding. Then quietly said one word as she started to walk away. “Shovel!” she said, with a pointed look, that he understood more than the word itself.

Spike quickly reclaimed his seat on the couch, albeit a few inches closer to Xander than before.

“Xander? Truth or Dare?” Willow asked sweetly.

He gave her questioning look. “Wills, aren’t you supposed to do Spike’s dare first?” he asked utterly confused.

Willow looked to Spike and he nodded at her to continue. “I am doing Spike’s dare,” she answered enigmatically.

“Ok, and why I am suddenly thinking this might be a bad idea?” Xander asked no one in particular.

“Oh, come on Xan! You can always take a forfeit,” Buffy added thoughtfully with a huge grin, thinking she might know where this was heading.

“Fine, whatever! Dare. The truth only seems to get me in trouble.” he pouted.

“Okaaayy, I dare you to……..Kiss Spike!” she said with a squeal.

Xander quickly poured himself a double shot of JD, downed it then looked at the bottle still in his hand. He lifted the bottle to his lips and took a deep pull, draining the remaining liquid, before awkwardly dropping it to the floor and launching himself at Spike.

Spike, surprised at how Xander had dived for his mouth took a few seconds to pull himself together and then pulled Xander across his lap. He leaned Xander back to rest against the arm of the couch and kissed him deeply. Xander reciprocated by pushing his tongue into Spikes’ mouth and mapping every curve and bump he found along the way, cataloging the taste and feel of Spike’s lips and tongue.

When they finally separated, Xander, who was now thoroughly buzzed on booze and kisses, loudly stated, “Best. Dare. Ever!” Then turned to smile at the ‘Aww-ing’ women across the room.

“So…Buffy, Truth or Dare,” Xander asked quietly.

“Truth,” she said still stunned by the recent turn of events.

“Truth,” he repeated. “Are you ok with this?” he asked seriously, still seated in Spike’s lap.

Buffy looked at Spike, then Xander. Then pulled back to see the two of them together. She loved Xander like a brother. And Spike had been a caring friend to her over the last year. She nodded and answered, “Yeah, I think I’m ok with this.”

“Spike, Truth or Dare?” Buffy suddenly asked into the quiet of the room.

“Truth, Buffy, always truth,” Spike said with a gentle smile.

“When did you throw me over for Xander?” she asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Don’t push it, Slayer,” he said with a mock growl, then answered anyway. “Don’t rightly know, really. Just did.” he said simply.

Willow was quietly calling a cab to pick up her and Buffy during this exchange but was caught up in the conversation again as she heard Spike say, “Ok, last one, and it’s mine to ask.

Xander, Truth or Dare?” Spike asked nuzzling into Xander’s shoulder.

“Dare,” Xander said on a whim as the girls we’re already opening the door to leave.

“Right, I dare you……..not to fall in love with me,” Spike said just loudly enough for Xander to hear.

Xander contemplated his options for a moment then finally pulled back to look into Spike’s eyes. “Forfeit!” he said loudly.

At Spike’s questioning look he responded. “I already have.”

Buffy and Willow left silently, pulling the door shut behind them. Spike and Xander were already back to kissing on the couch.

As they left Buffy said smugly, in a slightly tipsy voice, “See, I told you this was a great idea!” They then stumbled out to the cab with Buffy shouting “Tequila!” every five beats or so as she hummed and quietly congratulated herself and Willow on a job well done.

                                                             The End


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