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Fic: Courtship Rituals

Author: Muffie
Title: Courtship Rituals
Fandoms: Buffyverse and NCIS
Pairing Spike/Xander ('natch), Tony/Gibbs eventually
Rating: Teen+ (dirty words, sexual situations, Spike being Spike)
Warnings: Potty mouth
Notes: Written for the Fall of S/X. Also, not so beta'd. While it's a crossover, knowledge of NCIS isn't necessary to enjoy the fic. The fic is complete in 7 parts and clocks in at just under 36,000 words.

The link to Coursthip Rituals Pt. 1 in my journal.
The link to Courtship Rituals Index, aka the memories page in my journal.

I've got some ease of navigation links throughout, so you hit the bottom of part one and there's a clicky to take you to part two, and so on.

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