RayneJelly (raynejelly) wrote in bloodclaim,

Rides a Pale Horse 16

Author: Rayne Jelly
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spander.
Disclaimer: Nope nope nope. 
Summary: What would life be like if you couldn't die? Xander Harris is about to find out.
Rating: Overall R. 
Warnings: It's still unfinished, and still angsty... that's about it.
Feedback: Yep yep yep!

General Stuff:  Chapter sixteen, as promised. I hope you will enjoy it; it isn't super long, but it is rather important. Previous chapters live here. And, as always, any typos and logic errors are mine all mine. But if you see them and they make you flinch, point them out to me so I can fix them please. :-)

(Rides a Pale Horse 16)

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