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Fic Search


There's a story I've been trying to find again, without much success. I recall it's an AU, and it had a fairy tale flair to it, something along the lines of Rapunzel. In the story, Xander's parents lived in a tower or somesuch and his mother craved something from the ground, which is owned by Spike, who's a fairy I think. Xander's father comes out to get that thing, and is caught by Spike. Spike is angry that Xander's father trespassed on his property and demands for the firstborn as reparation. Xander's father agrees, and I think the story fastforwards until we see Xander as a blossoming lad with thickets of lush, black hair. The story included Willow and Buffy, and ended with Spike eventually getting Xander. Xander's father might have been Giles in the story. I'm pretty sure I first saw the story in Spanderfiles, but I've looked in all the related categories and simply can't find it. Is anyone else familiar with this story, and if so, will you be able to point me in the proper direction?

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